I recently discovered something about myself when it comes to how I react to some of the most simple things in life - It is called talking and interacting with people.  Believe it or not, I am terrible at it, or so I thought!!!  LOL

I kept telling myself I couldn't do it because of the fear of rejection, they might make fun of me, or even worse....tell me NO.  I know it is crazy, but having this fear has made me realize something.  I have wasted A LOT of time fearing a "daunting" task that will actually EXCEL me to great limits if I just face it and practice it, but I have put it on the back burner for a very long time, because I didn't think I could it it. 

You don't know how big of a loser I feel right now...not going to lie.  Like seriously.  I know I am usually always positive on my blog...but today...I just am upset with myself that I could let this happen.  I let fear hold me back because I was SCARED TO DEATH to just get with it and when my book told me to find clarity in what I really wanted out of life, coaching was it....BUT talking to people is a BIG part of that.  I mean seriously Rebecca...how can you help A LOT of people without talking to new people?  

Oh man, we sure let our fears crush our dreams...destroy habits that aren't that scary...and totally drown us with the "I can't" feeling.  I hate that!!!! 

After getting SUPER clear of what I want this business to be, I made a goal to help 5 people this month and that might not sound like a lot to you, but to me that is everything...5 lives changed for the better and all because I put myself out there and crushed the fear that is holding me back. 

I needed to hear what my upline said...I needed to feel her passion...I needed to wake up and smell the roses...because if I want change in my business, than I need to change that fear.  Sooo....I am doing baby steps and little by little this fear will dwindle.  (My new mantra LOL!!)  

That is my weakness...that is my fault, but I am making an effort this month to do my best with it and reach my goal!  

So lesson learned...please don't let fear crush your dreams because it can kill it in an instant...if you let it.  Work at it one step at a time until the fear is no more! 

So today I am flexing because I found something that is holding me back...and I am going to fix it...watch out world...Rebecca has got a new type of energy and she will just get better with time!  WHY?  Because change is a great thing! 

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