Let me share a story with you about the time Tony and I went to Stonewall Jackson Resort.  We were having a family vacation and enjoying each other so much.  

I got the bright idea to go on a paddle boat!  I used to do them, but it had been a long time.  So here we go to find them.  We get our tickets, we find the boats, we get our life vests on and head down to the river.

No one was there to help us and I didn't know if they were was supposed to be so we tried to load the boat ourselves first than we would take Shawn.

A scary thing happened.....I fell in the water and I am not a great swimmer if I can't touch bottom...luckily the vest was on, but I went in head first.  Yes, I am sure it was a funny sight but at the time, I was terrified of drowning.  

Tony tried to help me, but he ended up falling in too...and there stood Shawn...mortified that these are his parents!! LOL  Yes I can laugh now...but I was sooo scared Shawn would follow suit and get his ear tubes all messed up.  

This happened when I wasn't in shape yet and it was just an eye opening that I really have to be on my game and that anything could happen.  

Luckily Shawn listened and didn't move a muscle, but I had a really hard time getting out of the water.  Tony and I was drenched and needless stay we didn't take a stroll down the river. LOL

My point is this, we never know what kind of curve ball life will throw at us...we have to be ready at any given moment.  So are you in the best shape to handle situations like this one if it were to happen to you?  

Are you strong enough to pull yourself out of the water onto a dock with no help?  See, if I hadn't gotten with it, where would my physical strength be?  When I lift heavy it is about being able to stay afloat in life.  I want to be strong, healthy, and fit for not only myself, but my family.  

So don't say you can't workout or eat heathy.  YOU OWE IT to yourself to do it!  You just never know if you will find yourself in the predicament I was in....and believe was SCARY! 

On a really cool note...My hair looks fantastic!!  Check it out! Cindy did a great job!!!

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