About a year ago, as I was getting Shawn asleep, I asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up... He said he wanted to ride a T-Rex!!! 😮😮😂😂 I chuckled and said are you sure you can tackle such a thing?? He said Ummm yeah with total belief!!

I looked at him and thought for a second and said that is cool!! 🆒 He said people might get scared but that is ok.... I got this! 💪💪👍👍

You know what?? That made me smile because Shawn believes in himself!! Nobody can do it for you but you have to do it!! I always said that I wanted him to say I CAN instead of I can't and guess what?? He is!! Proud mom moment!! 😍😍

We need to follow Shawn's foot steps and believe in ourselves too! Whether it is starting a new journey or a new job, we all have to start somewhere and get out of our heads. Sure it is scary but it is necessary if you expect to grow!

Personal development has helped me tremendously in this department! I didn't always believe in myself and now that I am it is a total game changer in everything I do.

So yeah... My tip for you today comes from a 4 year old. YOU GOT THIS AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

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