So while listening to my personal development today he mentioned doing things that you don't normally like to do or that causes a feeling of stress, dread, or anxiety.  In order to get past that feeling, because that is all it is - IS A FEELING.  

You can acknowledge that feeling when it arises and choose to overcome it, by replacing it with a positive feeling that will leave you feeling empowered and stronger for overcoming the bad or negative feeling.  

This does take some practice, but with daily effort you can start to have a positive mindset - ON PURPOSE!  Yes that is right folks, you don't have to dwell in negative any longer.  (Your welcome!)

Joyce said something along these lines as well this morning.  She said someone came up to her and said her life was awful and she just felt like she had been ran over by a bus over and over.  Joyce said I felt like that too at one point, BUT than I chose to get up, and get in the driver's seat of that bus, and take back control of my own life.  

I LOVE THAT!  I know I had rough morning, than I got an email saying Shawn got accepted to Pre-K at the school we wanted and I literally raised my hand and praised the Lord!  WHY?  Because only through HIM is anything possible.  When I handed it over to HIM, I had to TRUST that He would make it happen.  I can't hand it over to Him and not fully trust what is in His plan, am I right?  That is not how faith works.  LOL You got to 100% believe He is working in your best judgement!  

So today turned out to be a great day and I chose that on purpose too! LOL I could have let my grumpy mood take hold all day long, but after my workout, I felt always happens that way!  

When I saw today's workout was 1 hour, I thought...awww crap...YES There are days I still hate to work out. BUT...and YES there is a big fat ole' BUT in there...after I finish, I ALWAYS feel better! ALWAYS!! 

I am learning that if I just keep focusing on the AFTER feeling vs. I don't feel like it, than boy oh boy...magic happens! 

Being apart of such a supportive community and reading my personal development can pull me out of any funk! That is why I am so truly grateful I have found my fit fam! We are one of a kind, I kid you not!! I wouldn't be able to stick to anything, if it wasn't for them! 

So if you are feeling like a grumpy bear and want to change your whole attitude and get healthy and fit in the process, than I invite YOU to my amaze balls group...because we seriously kick butt in there! Just saying! 

So if you want more deets than email at and we can chat!

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