Professional Photo by Bartee Photography - Taken at Gateway Christian Education Center

Professional Photo by Bartee Photography - Taken at Gateway Christian Education Center

Oh my precious Shawn!!  You have lifted me up more than you ever will know and shown me how wonderful it is to be a mother to a kid like you!  You are truly the BEST thing that has happened to us!! Tony and I are so very blessed to call you ours and I love that we get to enjoy all the laughs, loves, snuggles, and cuddles we can possibly get from your little arms! 

Hard to believe our little man will be 5 in October!  We will be starting Pre-K registration on April 27th than heading up to Morgantown to get his feet checked out!  I do believe they took the night time Dobbs brace off too I hoping that is all that is needed, I do not feel surgery is the next step, because his feet feel loose, just some reinforcement at night should do the trick! 

I love the picture his daycare did, isn't it the cutest!?  They always do a great job with everything!  When I look at this picture I see a boy who is going to change the world with his fire and spunky attitude!  LOL  Plus, I know he will make some girl the happiest girl on earth.  He is so loving, sweet, and full of fun!  

There was a time I didn't think I could be a mom or even have kids, I was really scared of failing and just not having the patience.  So God sent me Shawn... to me he is different than any other kid out there.  Yes everyone is different...BUT SHAWN...I feel, he is in a league of his own.  I can reason with him, he understands things that most kids don't, and he communicates himself very well.  When he gets angry you know. LOL When he gets sad, you know it, but he has never thrown an temper tantrum in public (knock on wood), and he is SMART!  

I remember telling him about God, and how I wanted him to be when growing up when he was a newborn...heck...he kept me up all night sometimes because he was in pain with this feet and had his days and nights flipped so it was tough in the beginning, but I talked to him A LOT! 

I never did baby talk on him because to me, he will ALWAYS be my baby and I didn't know when I should stop, so I never started it.  Crazy I know...but that was me!  Maybe that is why he is so brilliant...because I never really talked DOWN to him like a child...I talked to him like a normal person and he gets it.  LOL

His teacher even said, I should just let Shawn run the classroom, he knew all the dinosaur names and was rattling them off like no bodies business. LOL I love that...he retains so much and he catches on quick.  

I pray this...That he ALWAYS has ease and FUN in learning and that he does amazing things in his life!  I want him to know he can achieve ANYTHING he puts his mind too....and I mean ANYTHING!! 

I will always be proud of him, no matter what, but I want him to grow up to be a responsible and caring individual with a BIG heart and someone who is healthy and strong!  I want him to believe in God and know without a shadow of doubt he has a family who will LOVE and SUPPORT him through it all!  I want him to have FAITH that is limitless and have a LOVE for what he does in life that it lights him up with passion! 

So yes, can I say I am a blessed mom?  

I feel I can...and looking at him gives me all the reasons why I feel I should always be on my game, because he makes me want to become a better person...each and every single day! 

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