*****Let's FREAKING CELEBRATE!!!!!!*******

THE STATS: Lost 5 pounds and 7 inches!!! I didn't measure body fat this time and I have no clue why...I have the stinking caliper! It just totally slipped my mind. UGH

Can I be honest?? I didn't want to take pictures this morning...I was pumped yesterday, but not this morning. I feel SUPER bloated today - Gotta love that monthly visitor - Am I right ladies!?! NOW GO AWAY!!!!! LOL

But you know what? It doesn't matter because I still see changes...AND I still see A LOT of work to do too...LOL BUT that is alright...coming from a size 18-20 to a size 10 is still an accomplishment since I started my journey!! My best view is the side view for sure! It truly shows why my pants are fitting so much better - the gut is shrinking!!! WHOO WHOO!!!

The BEST part?? I lost weight, I am building muscle, and eating WAY more nutritious food, getting freaking strong, AND it is getting done RIGHT...the healthy way!!!

You know the way it is supposed to be. NOT with diet pills...NOT with wraps...NOT with patches!

I have come so far in these 80 days and what I have learned and accomplished is this...


PLUS - This chick needs a new outfit...these shorts are bloody dreadful...LOL I swear there is a booty under there..LOL They are so baggy it just doesn't show it. HAHA

Baggy is a good thing right? ;)

The next outfit will be a bathing suit!! I think I am to that point now where I need to be a little more comfortable with myself!  I am going to give it everything I got on Round 2!  I mean with results like could I not do this program again??

We start 4/23/18 if you are interested in joining our group!  You can contact me through Facebook or through email ( if you are interested! 

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