I always get asked....WHY do you drink your premium superfoods?

Well for starters, I am trying to avoid everything on that list and than some! YIKES!!!

I have balanced out my sugar with it, I have helped my digestive health tremendously! Because let's be real here...when I was faced with either be on Metamucil for the rest of my life or NOT go to the bathroom but once a month (Yes I am for real), you BEST believe I found a healthier, all NATURAL, premium superfood health food shake so I wouldn't have to drink that crap! LOL YUCK!!

I found something that is soooo good for me that I have been drinking it for over 2 years now and I just keep getting better and better with it! It has helped curb my INSANE junk food cravings too!

AND....I haven't been sick with it so boosts my immune system! hair and skin grow like crazy! WIN!!

Can I even tell you that since Shawn has been drinking the kid version (Available for 4 years old and up), his nose hasn't ran!??! I am not sure if it is a consequence or what...BUT I will keep giving it to him (YES it is pediatrician approved - organic healthy foods and veggies for our children)!

Fingers crossed it helps him too, because we have been fighting ear infections left and right and runny nose every 3 weeks for over a clockwork....BUT not since I introduced him to this!

So me, the health benefits definitely out weigh any excuse NOT to drink it!

What could it help you with?

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