My little Shawn woke up at 4 a.m. today and watched me workout - LOL  Believe me I tried to get his butt back to bed but he wasn't having it!  So here he is eating a pancake and wanting to be in my picture that I share with our group to check in for accountability.  

Than what happened?  He fell asleep in the car on the way to daycare after swearing he wasn't sleepy!  LOL BUSTED little man!  I just hope he has a good day, because I know he is tired and dealing with screaming little friends doesn't even sound appealing to me, let alone him.  Poor little guy...I am sure he will embrace me with open arms today!  I miss him a lot today! 

I post my workout videos on my Facebook and Instagram page if you want to check them out - Search Rebecca A. Miller to find me or @rebeccaamiller on Insta!  Today I struggled with the mountain climbers, but dare I say I done a little better because I had an audience this morning.  

He just makes me want to be better!  He said "WOW Mommy, what are you doing?!?"  I didn't feel impressive, but in Shawn's eyes...I was.  That makes my heart happy and I know I want to set a healthy example for him.  Even though mommy is sweating like a pig...she never gives up!  LOL

Seriously guys...they watch EVERYTHING you do!  Be the person YOU NEED to be for them...not what your excuses tell you to do.   

Is that a deal pickle? 


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