When you look in the mirror are you being positive in your thoughts!?  This cup reminded me of something today.  We need to act out of LOVE and not FEAR or DOUBT when we see ourselves in the mirror!  

What is the difference?

** I work out because I love how exercise makes me feel and it empowers my body and my health and when I look in the mirror I see someone who has accomplished so much! (LOVE)


** I work out because I don't want to get fat and I am scared if I quit what I might look like, man alive...Look at me now..YIKES!!  (FEAR)

See the difference? When we act out of fear we are stressed, have anxiety, and feel trapped....but when it is out of LOVE everything changes...it is like a ripple affect. EVERY decision you make you must ask yourself WHAT WOULD LOVE DO??

If you discipline your child out of LOVE then you will get a better and more positive result...but when you are YELLING and SCREAMING AT them...that isn't LOVE...that is a type of fear and no one wins...you get more frustrated and your kid feels trapped and alone because he or she doesn't feel heard....they feel like they don't matter....SEE how EVERY decision you make needs to be based on LOVE??

Following your truth and LOVE will always put your compass on the right path....it will make life bursting with happiness and when you are happy...your family is happy.  WIN WIN!!!

Another example is to picture yourself in a dark room with no windows - like a concrete jail cell....all you see is pitch black....what are your feelings:

Fear, scared, anxiety, sad, depressed, trapped, etc....BUT if you light a match and you see LIGHT (LOVE) and suddenly you see the hole you can crawl out of then your feelings change to:

Excitement, hope, happiness (because you are about to escape), empowerment, etc.

See the difference??

This is something we can mentally practice daily...the key is to be aware of each thought and react to them more positively by identifying if you are doing it out of love or fear.  You will know your feelings and than you can gauge your thought process a little better!  

Tell yourself you are beautiful, creative, fearless, and daring!  All those things on the cup can describe you, because believe me...you are capable of so much! 

Challenge yourself with those words and think of ways you are ALL those things and more!  

Rebecca MillerComment