Of all the gifts life has to offer, being a mother is the best one of all!  I hope you enjoyed Mother's Day today!!!  I know I sure did!!   It was great to see my mom today!  I swear there isn't enough time in a day to spend with her!  

We always have the best time and I know Shawn does too!  I hope you enjoyed yourself and your family, because we are never promised tomorrow.  Never take your health for granted.  Never! 

I want to say that I am truly blessed to have my mom still with me, she is great with Shawn and I love her with all my heart. 💜

This woman is the reason I am who I am and she makes me believe in myself when I am down or not feeling my best self. I have never met a more strong willed woman in my life.

She is feisty and I just love that!  LOL She has taught me to never stand down when I don't believe something is not right, but to rise up and be a fighter!  (All for the right reasons of course - not a bully!! - LOL Wanted to make that clear!)

She always has shown me happiness, God, and the power of unwavering faith.  For that, I am truly and mostly graciously honored!  That is where I get my positivity, my drive, and my willingness to help others from! 

I love you mom!!  You not only have shown me LOVE, but you showed me HOW to LOVE my son as well!!  You will never know how much you truly mean to me.  

Love you with all my heart!  

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