Sure I still have alot of work to do!!! 

Sure there are tons of imperfections!! 

Sure I still have the flat mom butt... Lol


This mom is TRYING... I am showing up for myself every day and making a difference in my life and health. Sure I struggle, but I still do my best. 

What makes me proud is that I have found my rhythm and consistency! I didn't have that before. I didn't know how too NOR did I want too! 

I have crushed a lot of my excuses during these almost 2.5 years as a coach and I am proud that I never gave up. 

WHY? Because I always want to better myself! I don't like seeing the person before even though she PUSHED and showed up every day to get me where I am at...But I never want to go back to that! This is my reason for sharing my story...to remind myself that I have come far and if I quit now...I will not reach my goal...so I keep plugging along! 

I want muscle baby! LOL I don't care to be skinny, but I want to be lean and mean my friend...LOL So whether or not that is your goal, it is mine! Plus I want some abs my peeps! Again...my goal...doesn't have to be yours! 

The difference in my arms just truly shocks me!! Oh and yeah the booty is slightly growing!!🤔🤔 My booty shorts that I will be taking before and after's in (aka... My bathing suit lol)

Love that I have come this far in my journey! To admit I used to shovel in the junk food sometimes is intimidating and embarrassing....BUT I want others to know they don't have to be alone in their journey! 

I want others to know that if I can overcome my INSANE junk food addiction than so can you! 

I am so excited our newest program has launched today! Like for real! 

SOOOOOO many struggle with emotional and binge eating like me and to know this program will HELP solve that...Well you can't argue that I am SUPER excited about it! It will change soooo many lives! 

Will you be one of those lives? 

If so, let's chat or you can check out this BLOG POST for more details!!