Do you have problems getting into a routine of working out and eating healthy because you like the junk food too much? - ME TOO!!

Have you ever consumed large amounts of junk food only to feel guilty or regret it later? - I have! 

YIKES I think we need to chat!!

Hi, my name is Rebecca Miller and I struggled with all of these things and more!! I wanted so desperately to find my rhythm again with exercise and eating healthy but I seriously LOVED the junk food too much! I was consuming entire pizzas, ice cream, and chocolate on a weekly basis and it was NOT doing me any good! I knew I had to make a change for the better if I wanted to break these crazy habits.

That is why I have created a 5 Day Boot Camp on booting the junk food to the curb and I want you to start being in LOVE with getting healthy and fit. Sounds crazy and don't think it is possible? Than ALL the more reason to attend!

I want to invite YOU to my 5 Day Boot Camp!

What will we cover?

- I will go over the exact 5 steps I did to discover my will power and motivation to keep going. Without this, it makes it almost impossible to crush those daily excuses when it comes to "I don't feel like working out" or or "I don't feel like eating a certain way", or the classic one, "I will start tomorrow!"...but tomorrow never comes!! What is up with that? We will cover that too!!

- We will learn how to incorporate some tough love, in a healthy way of course, so you can be on top of your game and start making your goals a reality!

- I will share my food prep tricks with you and you will see how I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for 2 years, after 10 years of bad habits! YESSSS!!!! (You can too my peeps!)

- You will learn how personal development is so crucial to your personal growth and why you need it to grow mentally stronger. This helps the belief within you soooo much!!

- Plus, we will talk about action steps that will launch you to stop being what feels like you are being "controlled" by the junk food so you can start falling in love with getting healthy and fit!

- I will be providing 5 - 45-60 minute LIVE videos to discuss these steps into detail! (Your welcome!)

- We will go over everything in a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions PLUS I will be posting DAILY on what we talk about to help you even further!!

- All of this content will be available to you for 7 days after the group ends so take lots of notes!

- As a BONUS, I am providing DAILY workbooks so you have a place to take notes and go into this deeper! These books are your challenge books and you have all the information we will cover in them! Pretty sweet uh??

-You are going to discover so much about yourself and your bad habits...believe me, I know...because these SAME 5 steps are STILL working for me today!

***Are you in? I would love to have YOU!!***

We will start our first video on May 21, 2018!!  JOIN HERE!!

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