Ok so I am in LOVE with this program!  I am currently down 6.8 lbs since last Monday and I have been eating really well!  Check out some of my pictures!  My "fries" are turnips, pasta is zoodles, veggie tater tots and more!  I mean seriously peeps!  I haven't had this much veggies in a LONG time.  I mean, I was taking them in, BUT not to this caliber and it is making the scale move again.  YESSSSSSS!!!! 

The best part?  It doesn't feel or taste like veggies!!  Brussels and bacon is a great one for my snack and I eat 3 - 4 times a day now vs. the 5-6 like before! My sugar seems to be doing ok with it and I think this is the route I will stay with for a very long time!  Plus this program is sooo simple, but it is effective!  Want to learn more about it??  Than check out this BLOG POST I did regarding it!  

The videos are amazing and I haven't felt deprived or I haven't had many treats!  I am doing soo well and I am so happy that I am seeing the scale move again!  This program is amazing! 

Would you like to join our group to get even more food inspiration!??  You are always welcome to them!  Email me at and we will get started together!   

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