Well let's do some Fun Facts Friday! LOL We done this in our bigger challenge group and I thought it would make a perfect post! Not only am I nerdy and quirky, but I am resourceful too! LOL Just saying!!

So here are some fun facts about me:

😜 I LOVE FAST CARS!! Ok so my Dad and my brother fixed up old cars and I remember my brother racing them. We used to go to car shows and I LOVE THAT! The louder and faster the better - Literally gets the hairs on my arms standing I remember mom cheering Butch on! So much fun!! They had Dusters, GTX's, Roadrunners, Ford Coupes, etc. and even at one point had a Sting Ray corvette, which they sold on Ebay to someone in Switzerland! I mean, how cool is that!?!! PLUS, for a gal...I know my vehicles...makes and models! Why? Because I am cool like that! ;)

😜I LOVE Jewelry! I had this obsession with a LeVian ring and I always vowed that I would get one...last year I did with my tax money!!! LOL (Dreams can come true!!) Than a week ago I broke it and need to go get it fixed! :( (Devastation) But I own that baby and it is bloody gorgeous - chocolate and white diamonds and a HUGE amethyst because favorite color is purple! LOL I could go to a jewelry story and spend HOURS there! LOL Yeah the nerd life rules! πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“

😜I used to watch wrestling back in the day...Favorite wrestler is Batista! UMMM YES!! Who is that you ask...You know Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy?! HELLOO...Superhero movies are the bomb! (Thor, Black Panther, and Iron Man are my jam!)

😜I love to write...yeah I another nerd quality...but helps me get it all out and I feel better for it!

😜I LOVE pens and pencils - LOL NO JOKE! Tony took me to Staples and I just looked and tried out all the pens...what can I say...the nerd comes alive often! HAHA πŸ–‹οΈπŸ–ŠοΈβœοΈ

😜I was born with clubfeet...I have shared this a long time ago, but it has been a while. They were so severe they were rolled up to my stomach...after multiple surgeries, braces, and casts (26 sets to be exact), my legs are "normal"...and I am soooo freaking blessed my parents took the time to get my legs right! I know I wasn't an "easy" child to have. They said I cried all the time and was in constant pain...but here I am today LOVING what I do as I coach, inspiring others, and working out every single day! I am proud of that!

πŸ˜’What I don't like is when people take their children for granted, I don't like when others try to put others down, and I seriously HATE when I see people smoking in a car with the windows rolled up and children in there - NOT A FAN! Plus I have road rage...slow moving people drive me BATTY! I just can't hack it...I am speedster by heart so my soul dies a little when they won't go! LOL Just being real!

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