Have you ever tried to change a BAD habit and felt like you were spinning your wheels and losing control all over again when you failed?   Nerve racking isn’t it!?!


I had this crazy weird and yes even gross habit with candy bars ya’ll.  I could eat a case in a week and at the time…I LOVED IT!  Chocolate is my jam…but you know what?  My sugar didn’t like it and I was slowly but surely creating health problems for myself down the road. 

I remember sneaking them and eating them at night when my hubby would go to sleep.  The addiction was real with those Caramello’s….not going to lie.  So frustrating…I felt like slave to the dang candy bar!  UGH!!

However, there came a point when that habit was taking over more than I like to admit, and I had to reclaim my health if I wanted to change my life and set an example for my son. 

I couldn’t imagine choosing junk food over him and in essence, I was doing just that…because let’s face it.  Being overweight is TOUGH as heck and running and playing with kids SHOULD be enjoyable.  But for me, when he was just 2 and getting around pretty fast, I was struggling hard core. 

Guess what??  I HATED THAT….I didn’t want to struggle with THAT.  I wanted to enjoy myself, enjoy him, and make LIFE happy!  This was my first born and it could be my last…I don’t know what the future holds, but I better make my time with him the BEST I can do!  

So yes, while my addiction to the junk food (not only candy bars but also pizza and ice cream) was extremely HARD for me to overcome…it wasn’t impossible! 

With the help of my coach, our accountability groups, and our programs…I have been maintaining my 40+ lb weight loss and I am not returning back to the old me…LIKE NEVER! 

I started my new book this morning – THE SECRET…first chapter is about the law of attraction. If your thoughts are negative…than negative shall come your way.  But if you change your thoughts to something you want and keep that focus…you my friend, WILL GET IT! 

That is all I did here…I kept my focus on a better version for all the reasons I had to…Be a better mom, be a better wife, be a better ME…and guess what??  Results happened! 

Sure it won’t be easy my peep…but you are so wrong in thinking it is impossible! 

So if you want a program that will offer you a mindset change around food and help your emotional and binge eating…than I got YOU covered, but only YOU can make the change. 

I CAN’T want it more for you, if you don’t want it for yourself.  That is what I had to come to realize.  I had to stop WANTING and start ACTING in order for my goals to happen!

Question for you is…what will be your WHY to start?