My reason to get my butt out of bed is Shawn and Tony. They are my everything and although there are days they drive me crazy, I couldn't picture life without them in it. LOL

They make it fun, they make it worth while, and they love me for me - or so I think! 

You guys always hear me telling you to find your WHY power and for me...this is it. They keep me on my toes on this journey we call life and I love every minute of it.

I am working hard to reach my goals and when it gets tough and I want to quit, believe me...I always turn to my WHY = The reason, the drive, and my motivation to keep going. It is what made me start in the first place...always need to relive those feelings, that vision, then it brings a whole new light to my current excuse.

It isn't always easy, but when I look at them, I have no excuse but to give it all I got.

You might think my coaching hustle is stupid or silly...that is ok....You don't have to love it or even care for that matter...BUT the lives that I do change and do help...that is what matters to me.

Coaching is the best thing I can do in my spare time. Some of you sell makeup, lipstick, jewelry, or whatever....I help people with their goals and give them a life changing experience. Once they start the process, it allows them to live differently and to conquer bad habits and fears. Of course it isn't always easy, but it is beyond rewarding.

When someone tells me they fit in a size 8 dress now, or lost 4 - 30 + lbs. well to me, that means something. That goes deeper than I ever thought I could go. I love bringing value to their lives and teaching them to never give up and if they fall off track - it is ok...we are human, it happens.

So if you are like me, and you have a powerful drive and a WHY to better yourself and want to make money while doing that, then I invite you to learn more about this business. You might change your life and some others along the way. How empowering would that make you feel and yes, you get paid to help people.

This business has allowed me extra income, while I still stay home with Shawn and when he goes to bed...it is me working for my dream...my goals...my challengers....my coaches.

I want the same for you! I want you to start your coaching business along beside me and be amazed at how well you can do. You will surprise yourself and learn so much like I have. It is an amazing opportunity and I want to share and invite you to it, because I am hoping to change one life at a time. If I can help you stop the the struggles I had before, than man ol' man...I am doing my job as a coach!

So yes...I have powerful why, a powerful drive, and a desire to better myself outside my full time job. You don't have to be a fitness professional, or be skinny, or be anything really...other than YOU.

Email me if you want to learn how to help others, help yourself, and get paid while doing it. It is my passion and I hope one you will soon love as well too!!  (rebecca@rebeccaamiller.com)

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