When I started my journey 2.5 years ago there was some choices I had to make. My two options were:

1. I could stay the same weight (or gain more) and keep eating all the junk food and being lazy as all get out. Complain every day I wasn't happy with the way I looked or felt about myself...Struggle hard core with doing things with my son. Let my sugar get out of control and even worse...stay depressed over it all!


2. I could get up off my butt and push PLAY! I could start eating foods that FUEL my body instead of DESTROYING it. I could motivate and ALLOW myself change because I deserved it. I could try my very best to help my #'s with the sugar. I could stop letting the junk food rule my roost every time. I could sweat a little for 30-60 minutes a day, all while feeling strong, happy, and healthy and I could surround myself with a kick butt team for all the support!

I don't know about you peeps...but #1 sucks and #2 is amazing! LOL Sure it takes work...but it is soooo worth it!

When you can come far on a journey and look back and thank yourself for ALLOWING change to FINALLY happen...there is a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I got tired of telling myself I couldn't anymore....that just put in further down in the depression hole. It sucks there! I was ready to come back up for AIR! FRESH BEAUTIFUL AIR! I found it and I am never letting it go!

Want that same FRESH AIR? Only YOU can provide that to yourself! I can tell you all about my journey...but if YOU want your own, than YOU got to put in the work!

Need support, motivation, and all materials to get you on track!??

Than YOU are COVERED with my help!

I promise you results...seriously...BUT are YOU willing to sweat a little, eat some yummy veggies (don't worry chicka...I will show you how I went from eating NONE to MORE!), drink water, and write some stuff down for me?

If the answer is YES!

Than what are you waiting for? I am ready to help you in the most simplest way possible! You will be like WHOA! This is seriously all I had to do to lose the weight? When I say YES! You will be FREED my dear...but only if you ALLOW yourself to be!

How cool would that be??

Let's chat and get that fresh air rolling...because I promise...


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