Ever wonder WHAT IF?  Those words will consume me if I let them!  

The other day when I was washing dishes and meal prepping, I got to thinking.  Thinking about WHAT IF something happened to my family, my job, my house, my Shawn, my Tony and believe me...the anxiety set in!  I even started to cry!  (Thanks to my monthly visitor all emotions are high right now. LOL) 

I started to worry about how our life would change drastically and how I would lose complete and utter control.  That is my biggest fear!  Losing control over life and not being able to fix any of it.  That is what keeps me up at night....if I let it and it will seriously shut me down if I am not careful! 

How do I get past all the worries and fears?  I really don't persay!  I always try to shift my focus on the positive and read my personal development.  Every day it will try to sneak its way in...and every day it is a struggle to FIRST realize it is happening BEFORE it gets to bad...and SECOND...take action so it don't get too bad!  

I have fears that I will lose the house that we have desperately worked hard for, I have fears that Shawn will get hurt at school, and I have fears that I will fail at my journey and my business! 

So yeah...I get when you say you have fears...I believe we all do, BUT we have to LEARN and PRACTICE to not let it get the best of us and we need to do our self care!  Whether it be relaxing "ME" time, workouts, massages, and read our PD.  I seriously believe in it and without it...I would have sank and I would have COMPLETELY shut down!  Sunday's are the family's rest day!  We are on the GO all week so Sunday is OUR time to rest, relax, snuggle, watch movies, and just unwind before we begin all again!  Shawn absolutely refuses to go anywhere on Sundays. LOL 

Every day I have those thoughts....EVERY DAY!  BUT Every day I shut them down...every day I try to lift my spirits through our positive groups, my team, and my workouts.  I focus on all the GOOD things I have in my life, and what I am currently BLESSED with right now at this very moment!  Focusing on that...makes me come back up to my "normal" self and it makes me happy!  

So don't think, just because I have found my consistency with my workouts, and my nutrition is mostly on point that I still don't struggle...believe me...I do!   

Life isn't always rainbows and cupcakes....sometimes it gets messy with a little bit of rain on the side!  I still highly recommend the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins...I use her techniques to shut down these fears every day.

That is my tip to you...get that book and conquer your fears!  Your welcome my peep!! 

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