A personal post today! LOL

I took the plunge and cut my hair!!  I absolutely love it because it literally takes 2 minutes to fix it now!!  YESSS!!!  Talk about easy mornings! LOL

Well no luck finding a puppy this weekend.  Shawn was totally heartbroken, but we will keep looking!  We went to the Kanawha County Animal Shelter but all the puppies were adopted, which was a great thing for them...but not Shawn's baby heart.  Oh I wish I could help him understand it takes time finding the right one for us.  

He thinks we should just go to a pet store and BOOM...DONE!  I don't think there is even a pet store around here anymore.  They all closed down.  Poor kid...the right puppy is out there for us.  

Plus our bathroom renovation is coming along pretty good!  He was here today and grouted the tiles! YAY!  That means setting the fixtures this week and we are almost there!  I can't wait!! SOOO EXCITED!  That was my big goal for this house...renovate the bathrooms!  They were hideous with there 70's yellow tub/showers and dated dirty fixtures.  I can't wait to share finished photos with you! YAY!!  You will love it!  Sooo fancy compared to before! 

Well just a short post to share current life right now...but wanted to also remind you about the sale on our nutrition ONLY program!  If you missed it...than check out this blog post!! 

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