I tell you what...when I get presented with something I am not sure about...I over think it...analyze it to death and than all these doubts and fears come flooding in!

Ever happen to you? (Ok good...I am not alone in this!!)

What would happen if you just went with with your heart and gut feeling just to see WHAT IF? (In a good way of course! )

What if you do awesome at your journey...what if you reach your goals...what if you inspire sooo many people and WHAT IF you could actually be great at this? YOU CAN!!

That was me in February 2016 when I said YES to the coaching opportunity! I had such great results from the programs, at home workouts, the fantastic meal and nutrition guides that has helped me lose 55 lbs and keep it off, that I thought...WHY NOT share my story? WHY NOT hold myself accountable after my sister's wedding, and definitely WHY NOT get healthy and fit because being a great example for Shawn mattered to me! Soooo...I ask WHY NOT YOU?

So I went for it...and you know what happened? RESULTS HAPPENED...both physically....mentally....socially, and financially! Exciting stuff right there!!

I love what this coaching opportunity has taught me about myself...because I was an over thinker...I wasn't a doer...I was skeptical...I had self limiting beliefs and for the first time in a REALLY long time...I am super confident to what I bring to the table as a coach! I have sooo much support and love I want to offer you!

What do I do? I am an online health and fitness coach who shares her story, motivates and inspires my peeps in my groups and on my page, and I tell you what is possible if you take daily action!

I share my story because it has helped a helps me stay true to myself and it helps me win my day! It reminds me how far I have far I still have to go...and how blessed I am to have found this opportunity, my coach, my team, and my followers! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

I am going LIVE tonight within our coaching sneak peek group if you would LOVE to see if this could be a good fit for you.

**No it doesn't have to be full can do this part time - I DO and I LOVE it!

**No you don't have to be an you know my background!? LOL No just have to WANT to be better and HELP other people! That is it!

**If you got the drive...than I can show you what is possible if you don't over think it...if you could just consider...WHAT IF this is PERFECT for you...and WHAT IF you get stellar results like me and sooo many other peeps in our groups!

Would you consider learning more? I hope so...don't pass this by could change sooo much for YOU!

Email me at and I will add you to our INFO only group OR better yet, you can send me a message on FACEBOOK! 


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