So Shawn went through a big step today....He started Pre-K!  Can I say he done amazing?  Well he did!  He has been soooooo excited because we have been telling him he will LOVE IT!  We have been building him up saying he will do new things, make new friends, play with new toys, and have a new playground.  Well he has been so pumped that he was really looking forward to his first day and he rocked it!  

When we got to the school and waited for breakfast, Shawn was getting restless. He was ready to eat! LOL  All the kids were eating breakfast and he said WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN!?!  So the time came and he finally lined up and he gave us the thumbs up and in a single file line he went.  He brought out an apple, chocolate milk, and a super donut, which he loved!  He was doing sooo well we decided to head out and kiss him goodbye!  He waved and was all smiles so I honestly couldn't ask for a better first day for him.

He was a little devastated that someone dumped out the sand in the sandbox so he didn't get to play with it, and also said the playground was small.  HAHA....Oh Shawn your a hoot!  His favorite centers was the kitchen and farm animals.  He was so talkative tonight and I loved it.  

He did tell me he missed me so much and we snuggled a lot this evening.  Much needed, because I am not feeling well to be honest.  My nose has been pouring since I left the school and I feel totally drained thanks to my monthly visitor - UGH!  

I was crying on my way to work because Shawn is our only baby.  I am so thrilled he had the best day ever, but for me...I am struggling.  It feels like my life has been flipped upside and I lost all kinds of time with him.  There is that guilt again....always trying to rear its ugly head. 

I know this is part of life...believe me, I get that, but it still doesn't hurt any less.  Especially when he put on his own braces tonight and I just cried...lucky for him he couldn't tell it.  With my nose pouring, he thought I was getting a tissue for that.  My baby is growing up so fast! 

He asked to sleep in my bed tonight...I told him maybe tomorrow, because I just don't feel good and I would constantly be blowing my nose and he needs rest.  So I am glad he still wants me...believe me….I will cherish these moments until the day I die.  

I love you Shawn Matthew....this is only the beginning of your beautiful life.  You are going to be and accomplish so much.  I am thrilled you had a fantastic day....onto the next my love! 

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