I tell you what....I was on crying on the way home yesterday because I finished up my PD book that I didn't think I would like but I ended up loving it.  Zig Ziglar is a motivational speaker who coaches salesman, helps with business presentations, etc.  He told a lot of stories in this audio book - Master Your Goals and they all had meaning....but his closing statement had me in tears. 

He shared a story of a boy who didn't know who his father was or where he even came from and the town treated me something outcast if you will.  So the boy ran away from people and didn't want to be noticed.  He started going to church and every time he would show up late and sit in the back and leave early so no one would catch him and give him a hard time.  

One day he didn't leave soon enough because the boy got caught up in the crowd and someone grabbed his shoulder (the preacher) and said "Son, who do you belong too?"  The boy paused and said, "I AM A CHILD OF GOD!"   The preacher said, "WOW...that is some  heritage you got there!!" 

So see...we are ALL children of God!  For people to make themselves small because others put us down is not only limiting yourself to what is possible, but you are basically telling yourself you believe them and not God...because we have a power within us to be AMAZING!  We are capable of so much, and when we believe in our greatness and focus on that, than we become ALIVE and we live with purpose!  

This man's voice is old school, but how he uses his words is amazing.  He had me tears when he talked about children who wear braces and when they ask their mommy and daddy ..."Do you really have to make them that tight," OR they say "Can I go without them tonight?"  We love our children enough to make them go through that NOW because we are giving them a beautiful tomorrow.  

All I kept thinking was WOW go through this with Shawn and it is true.  Sure we don't like putting him in braces or making him go through the stretches, BUT it is for his own good and we LOVE SHAWN ENOUGH to show up for him each and every day!  One day these braces and stretches will be no more and it will be a glorious day! 

We can look at our health and fitness journey the same way.  We may not like doing the daily grind of working out and eating healthy, but we love ourselves enough to do it daily.  Eventually your hard work will pay off! 

Just know...we ALL have an amazing power within us, but we got to decide if we will focus on our greatness or will we focus on our weaknesses.  It is tough sometimes, but the more you work towards greatness....I promise you will find your power within. 

God will lead you in the right direction when you walk in faith, help others, and live life to the fullest.  

Rebecca MillerComment