I was going to post yesterday, but my emotions were not in a good place. I woke up with no electric, no service or Wi-Fi, pouring the rain, and I started my period. Oh yay what fun! I was a grumpy bear from the start and add in a puppy who doesn’t LOVE the rain, yeah well chasing her in the dark so no accidents didn’t happen left me super frustrated, pissed off at Baby, and just grumpy ALL DAY LONG! I haven’t had a morning this bad in a long time!

That fueled the energy for the ENTIRE day! I was angry at everyone and everything that went haywire and for what? My hormones were all over the place and all I did was feel like crap all day.

After listening to my personal development this morning, I come to realize I can either let those emotions control my day or I learn to control my emotions and just take a breather. Once on my rampage it was like FUEL to a FIRE. BUT I SHOULD have made a choice and just removed myself from the situation earlier and took a breather and chilled the heck out.

Sometimes and yes EVEN me…have moments of anger, PMS, and frustration. LOL - JUST BEING REAL….Life isn’t perfect but I should have handled it a lot better.

So this morning I switched my attitude and boy what a difference PD makes…I had such a better morning and DAY from positive thoughts! It is 100% true…what you think and feel can either ruin your day or make your day….so make sure you don’t pull a me and stay positive my friend!

No it isn’t always easy, but working out helps release all that energy…GOOD and BAD so get to sweating! Because after my workout this morning…I feel TONS better!!

Have you had days like that?

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