I shared last week in my newsletter how REALLY bad I was with my nutrition before I started my journey with my team of kick butt peeps!

But...I wanted to share this....

When you stop telling yourself WHY you CAN'T do certain things or WHY you don't WANT too...you need to come up with at least 5 really AMAZING reasons WHY you SHOULD and CAN start caring for yourself!

Don't get me wrong...the #excusestruggles are REAL...BUT...I stopped making them about ME and flipped it...that my friend...Helped my consistency like no other. It helped me stay motivated...it helped me stay true to my goals, because they were IMPORTANT to me.

Saying I just want to get healthy and fit is good and all...BUT it isn't strong enough! Believe that...you will jump ship every chance you get with that one...DIG DEEPER!

Here is just ONE of mine...believe me...if they are powerful enough...YOU WILL STICK WITH IT!

***Be a better mom for Shawn - How could I choose my junk food addiction over him? What kind of mom would I be if I left him because my health got too bad for me to take care of him? How would HE feel without his mom? What would his face look like? (picture it folks!!) What would I miss out on in his life? What if I died from diabetes...how would that affect my family??

Those DEEP questions...got me crying and these before and after photos HELP ME realize that I have come so far...it is a constant reminder that I DID IT...EVEN when the excuses was strong, because I set aside those excuses and got what needed to be done....DONE!! This my friend was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for me..I COULD NOT and WOULD NOT let him down!***

I found what pushes me to go and show up everyday!

No it isn't easy...but it works! Dig deep means asking myself DAILY when the cravings hit...when I don't want to get up, to remember WHY I do what I do! - Connecting to that emotion always helps me leap out of bed each day!

How do you succeed besides joining me in our amazing support groups?

You find yourself a constant reminder of WHY you NEED to care for yourself! It ALWAYS lights a fire under me!

Question - As yourself WHY you want this so badly?

I am always here to chat my friend and ready when you are!!

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