Shawn was a bit timid at first with her, but he is adjusting to Baby pretty good. He actually gets offended when I try to correct her. LOL He is not a fan of my ways, because he wants her to be free and run the house…NOPE! The crate it is! He can’t stand when she cries and he begs me to get her out of it….but she is fine…she is just spoiled rotten!

We started puppy training and she can potty outside, SIT, LEAVE IT with her treats, she WATCHES me, and we are still learning OFF….She gets to excited! We have puppy classes for 8 weeks, one hour on Saturday so it is nice! I learn how to control this mighty beast while she gets to see other pups too!

She whines in the car…whines when I go away…and whines when she can’t see Shawn in his room. LOL HENCE HER NAME…BABY…it suits her perfectly!!

She is sleeping through the night or should I say quiet in her crate now and she hasn’t really had any accidents so I think we are getting there. She has been ALOT for me to take on and Shawn loves her so much…but sometimes I get super frustrated with her…she drives me batty…stubborn and spiteful. LOL They say no…but I say YES!!

So I am hoping the training will help her tremendously. You can see Baby running away from Shawn’s toys…she isn’t a fan of that! LOL RUN BABY RUN!!

Shawn is all smiles now, but before he thought she was getting all the attention…had to share with him that he is still my #1! He was happy and fine with her since. It has been a big adjustment for me…but I am slowly getting there. Still one cute pup though! ;) Maybe I will keep her!

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