Well our search is FINALLY over!  Shawn found a pup that suits him! LOL  We found her from Stepping Stones Canine Foster in Hurricane, WV and she is the cutest pup I have ever seen!  Yes, she is going to get bigger than what we originally wanted, but after getting declined for the chihuahua because he was a biter and didn't let go, they said we can't give that dog to a family who has a four year old.  LOL I guess they thought we would hate it. So she showed me this picture instead and we are going to adopt her! 

As long as she is good to Shawn, that is what counts.  He is so ready to love his pup.  He vacuumed the ENTIRE house....he wouldn't let me take over and did it all for her, to get ready for her.  We set up her crate and he helped me wash her food bowls and he picked out all her toys.  He feels so good to be apart of this and I just let him.  How could I ever take this away from him...even though it will be my butt every night waking up with her....but at least she is cute. LOL

Talk about the sweetest pup ever.  She never once barked at Shawn, she didn't jump on him, and he was able to pet her for a very long time.  Sure she was sleepy, but he didn't mind.  For the first time, he wasn't getting attacked and he was liking her so much he said he wanted her.  So we are doing it.

We went out today and got all of her supplies - $300 later I think we are ready! LOL Man alive you dogs are PRICEY!!   LOL  Oh it an early birthday gift because Shawn will be 5 next month.  We got the cutest bowls that say BEST FRIEND on them with paw prints.  Shawn wanted her done in purple, so her collar and harness are purple, she is going to be one cutie for sure!  LOL

We get her the Miller household's life get turned upside down now! LOL YIKES - Pray for me!! 

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