Going to be vulnerable here...

There was a time I despised my body to the point of not even looking in the mirror. It was tough, because I didn't always feel that way.

I used to be healthy and fit and care for myself until that crazy surgery in 2006 where my fallopian tube got twisted (for whatever reason) and got gangrene in it. I could have seriously died.

When it decided to act up on me and send me to the hospital with the most severe pain I have ever felt, I truly and honestly thought I was going to die. Doctors thought it was my appendix but when I went to surgery they realized it was my crazy tube in there causing all the mischief.

After all said and done, Rebecca is left with one tube and an excuse to not workout and just be lazy for 6 weeks as I heal. That is when I discovered the fast food and tons of junk food.

It was easy, convenient, and it tasted great to me. I worked my way up to eating entire pizzas, tons of ice cream, and an insane amount of candy bars – weekly…36 to be exact. Don't get me took time to build up...10 years of crap eating to be exact! YIKES!!

I finally noticed that my weight was over the top…60+ lbs. to lose and feeling more and more like crap every day because my sugar was out of control and I just was depressed with my whole image. It definitely creeped on and didn't happen over night.

Yeah of course the junk food is easy, but at what costs?

My life during this time was depressing, clothes wouldn’t fit, and I just felt so tired and sleepy all the time. I wasn’t living life and that sucked, because I had before.

What the hell Rebecca? Why did you lose your way?!

The comfort zone my peeps…it is a horrible place where
you don’t grow or change.

Do you ever feel stuck where you are at and don’t feel like nothing will help you?

I did too, but now, since I changed my ways…I have a different outlook on life…and it is BETTER!

Living life, exercising again, eating healthy, and feeling my absolutely best these days! Enjoying family again and all because I decided to change and stick with it!

I have something for you, if you feel this way. There is an easier approach to eating that doesn't have to feel restrictive, old, bland, or even boring!!

You love pizza and ice cream?? All good...Let me teach you some amazing ways you can still have some yummy treats without ever feeling like you are cheating or a bad person for it!

That is right...NO MORE GUILT!

If you want to learn more about this amazing program where it teaches you how to eat healthy, still have treats, live your life and LOSE WEIGHT...than let me share with you!

I love it so much ya'll...I am passionate about has helped a TON of people lose weight without feeling deprived.

So what do you say?

Wanna join my next group and see what it can do for you??

(It is for MEN and WOMEN - and really anyone looking for a healthier option in their life!)

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