Do YOU believe that you can do anything you put your mind too?  

If not, can I ask WHY?  
I believe in YOU!!! 

Let me share this with you....

I was reading my personal development, Life's Golden Ticket, and he said as children we believe in ourselves so much...we have no fear or doubt from with in and we just keep picking ourselves up and continuing to show up everyday...we are fearless and we haven't experienced the emotions we have today.   We are PURE and INNOCENT!  

WHAT and WHO changed us?  What experiences made you believe otherwise??

We have allowed ourselves to believe negative remarks and comments from other people and we have stopped believing that we are capable of so much!  

They shared a story about an elephant, as large as it was, tied up to a fence...but in could destroy that fence and run for freedom.  It doesn' stays put THINKING and BELIEVING it can't go any further than that rope will allow. 

Let me just say you are FULL of potential! YOU my friend need to start believing that you are capable of so much in life and I don't want you to never think you can't achieve something...especially if someone told you that you couldn't - PROVE THEM WRONG!!  

So believe in YOU and share with someone that you believe in them too!  Everyone needs a pick me up these days and I want you to pass it on!! 

Rebecca MillerComment