❇️💞Sometimes it sucks, but it is always worth it💞❇️

❇️Sure there are days that I struggle with my nutrition, because we all know it is sooo much easier to run through the drive thru than cook at home... BUT when I remind myself of what I USED to look and eat like, it is worth NOT to keep falling for that same old habit!! Because for me it is like a Pringle... I can't stop at just one time... I become repetitive with it.😣

❇️ Sure it sucks to struggle on my workouts... They aren't easy by any means, BUT it is worth it when I look in the mirror and KNOW that I CAN and GET to workout because God blessed me with a body with limbs that MOVE!! That my friend, is worth it in every way... Most people don't have that advantage!! When I stopped viewing exercise as torture... It became worth it in every aspect!!

❇️Sure I sweat my booty off and eat my greens even though I am super picky...


You know what is truly worth it??

💕💞To run and play with Shawn without getting winded and missing out on his fun and energetic childhood. I have learned to cope with the junk food and I do not allow it to control my life any more... Because I found my life is worth it in every aspect!

💕💞I have found that feeling comfortable in my own skin and becoming a more positive person makes me feel like I can conquer anything... That my friend... Is the very reason I show up for myself, my family, my coaches, and my challengers every single day.

Ask yourself...

What would it be worth to you to have more control over your relationship with exercise and food??

What would change for the better for you??

How would your life be different??

So much more positive would come from it!! I guarantee you that!!!

Next group is starting soon!! If you want in…let’s pick the right package for YOUR goals!!

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