You know what is NOT fun??

Getting asked when your next one is due?? 🙈

Yep my peeps... After Shawn my stomach was still huge 2 years later... Was it baby weight? Nope... I lost that right after Shawn was born (20 lbs... Thanks breastfeeding)

This was due to being addicted to the junk food... And when I say addicted... I mean I could out eat anyone... An entire pizza in a setting along with ice cream and chocolate. This happened multiple times a week and it was because I ate my emotions.😱

Too unhappy with myself folks... It sucked, but I have learned to overcome it through these programs and all the support I have. They showed me a better, healthier, sustainable life. I am NOT about a quick fix, but really being healthy for life.

This meant changing eating habits and to be honest... I didn't have a salad until 4 years ago which I gagged... So I didn't eat vegetables to save my soul...this is what happens when you eat all the junk and don't move... A 60-70 weight gain and I felt it daily...

A struggle to get around and keep up with my toddler was enough for me to see something had to give.

So I started with my coach. A program that lasted 21 days, taught me macro nutrition in its most simplified form.. I never count a calorie... I count colors!! It showed me 30 minutes of exercise was completely doable... Especially when I said I didn't have time before.

It changed my nutrition... It changed my physical appearance... And most importantly... It changed my life...running and playing is a breeze now with Shawn, and I will never take it for granted because I once was that girl on the left... But the gal on the right has found her purpose...

Sharing my story with you and showing you how to do it the right way... Meaning you CAN eat good carbs, balanced meals, exercise 20-45 minutes a day and see results...

These programs lay it out ALL for you... Workout calendars and super trainers, a cooking show, meal guides & nutrition plans, and even a powerful superfood health FOOD shake... Not a protein shake (we got one of those to that helps with muscle recovery).The BEST part... The support and accountability I received!!

Need that in your life too??

I got you...

Next group starts August 26th...Back to School... Back to YOU!!

Let's chat what is holding you back, what you struggle with, what a typical day in nutrition looks like for you, and see if we can make a life change together!!

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