Today I got prepared to start my 80+ day journey starting Monday!! I got my menu prepared, grocery list made, and a workout calendar all printed out... 3 phases to this program... Hour long workouts with special nutrition that is built to enhance my results!!

I done 2 rounds of this program last year and I loved it!!! I got some amazing results and If I am being 1000% honest... My nutrition has sucked these past few months on the weekends... So I rock 5 out of the 7 but I need to do better than that....I CAN do better than that!

As a coach, my job is to be real and upfront with you on my journey... Even if it isn't pretty... Well my friend... It hasn't been pretty.. Lol.😱😱😱🙈🙈🙈

So Monday is a new kind of day 1 for me... One that I need to refocus on when it comes to my nutrition and I would love your support!!💜💜💯💯🎉🎊

I am doing a different type of before and after photo...I think I will do a video so I can move side by side lol... It will be tricky... But I will try it... Phase 1 is like 30 days sooo in 30 days I will start to see some changes happening!!🙏🙌🙏

I chose this picture to remind me of how far I have come and where I am today... Healthy and strong but Rebecca can be more lean... Let's face it... I still have a gut that needs to disappear! Lol. #justsaying and #justbeingreal!!💯💯

Working on my nutrition has always been a work in progress... I love pizza and ice cream still to much... But I have maintained... But as a coach... A mom... And a wife... I will and CAN do better!!

This isn't me beating myself up... Nope... It is me taking responsibility for my past and putting it out there... Because we all struggle with something... And my something is junk food!🍫🍟🍔🍕🍨🍧

So if you would like to join me... We start August 26th...we are going to clean up our nutrition as well as our families!!

Not saying you have to be perfect....because this educational program is something you will have for life and you can always learn and improve long after this group ends!!

You can pick a different exercise program too!!

Message me to get more details... I would ðŸ’œlove💜 your support and for you to do this along side me!!

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