I couldn’t be more proud than what I am right now of this little guy!! He crushed his first day of Kindergarten and was sooo excited and thrilled to be doing something new!!! I hope he doesn’t get bored because he has three classes - regular class, gym, and music!! I don’t think I had to ever leave my class in kindergarten! LOL

He walked out of the house with such confidence…such readiness….and such excitement!! I am proud of him because I never really was that way!! Sure I done great in school…but I wasn’t THAT excited about it. He is sooo outgoing and totally fearless! I LOVE that about him! I LOVE that I can learn to be that way in new things and just go for it like he did yesterday on his first day of Kindergarten!!

He already had a prize from the prize box yesterday for listening! LOL Oh yay for him!! Way to go Shawn for rocking your first day!!

He actually wanted me to drop him off at the front door this morning…so I guess no more walking him in….I guess that was my last day for that yesterday and the sad part…I didn’t even know it. I didn’t know it would be last time holding your sweet soft little hand going up the stairs.

I think I was OK yesterday, but today…it has hit me like a ton of bricks. It hurts and stings a bit…it makes my heart ache, but this is just the beginning. He is growing up and I need to accept that this is part of it. It just makes you WANT to be grateful for every moment with him!

I love you Shawn Matthew. I am so proud of the little man you are becoming! Keep smiling, shining bright, and loving school…because you are going to be someone exceptional when you grow up…I just know it!!

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