*Long Vulnerable Post Alert**

When you are reminded of how far you have came!!! 💯💜💯

I have been sharing a lot of my daily thoughts on my workout posts of how I came to get with it... Found motivation to do something about my health, and more!!

I woke up today feeling sooo confident and strong and just overall grateful for my life. 💜💜

I felt like I was given a second chance to change my ways...

I am someone who struggles with junk food and no not in a "normal" way... I can eat TONS of it... Entire pizzas, ice cream, and candy bars galore in one setting!!

It isn't easy to admit my old habits but I am grateful to God that he allowed me to stumble across my solution.

Eating healthy, workouts, and a supportive team that backs me up when I am struggling....the community is where it is at... Plus the tools are 10000% stellar 🤩

I have leaned in more with my nutrition this week and it is helping a lot... We all have something we struggle with, but we have a choice... Let it control us... Or we take control!!

I am focusing hard these next 80 days to prove I can... To get in my zone again, and to become the most fit person I can be... For ME!!

Shawn was crying last night saying he was little and slow... 😭😭😭 My heart broke so we had a heart to heart on if he does HIS absolute best than he can't compare... I am proud of him no matter what...🤗🤗

We both were born with club feet and it takes a lot of work to build leg strength... So I want to set an example for him... That his momma is strong and sooo is he!!!

I want him to feel like he can accomplish anything... No matter if he is short or not... That doesn't matter... Your heart matters and how hard you try... That counts.💯👏

So say a little prayer for Shawn today....sometimes we feel mighty and strong and sometimes we don't.

Keep on believing you can my friends... Because I am... It is helping my mindset sooo much... And down 4 lbs this week.💪

I felt amazing so I had snapped this picture...and I remembered that I am grateful for today because the gal on the left didn't always feel that way.

It takes some effort, heart, and my team of amazing peeps to pull you through the hard times!!

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