It isn't always easy sharing your story on here...believe that! But what I do LOVE about it is that it holds me accountable and it has inspired a TON of folks to take action. That is saying something because that is basically what a coach does.

I remember times of me struggling to keep up with Shawn and it broke my heart because I wanted to be so involved with him. Heck I waited 2 years for him and when we found out we was pregnant it was the best day of my life!

With him being my first, I wanted to BE THERE as much as I could....but getting down in the floor as my knees would hurt and just struggling to get back up was not fun. So was getting super winded when running and playing. UGH... I remember thinking...I am not old, but I am sure getting around like I am! LOL

I honestly feel like everything happened for a reason so I could go on this journey and learn how to overcome the emotional eating. Sure there are days that are stressful, but for the most part...I am NOTHING like I was before...that feels great knowing I can turn my life around.

Love what we stand for, what we do to support each other in our groups, and our programs and products are completely stellar and #1 in my book!

I have overcome self sabotage and the emotional eating and am doing sooo much better since starting 3.5 years ago! I got my life back because of them and my team, so I will always be grateful for the amazing community I have found! 💜.

I earned that smile in this picture! Change isn't a bad thing. I learned from my book today that we FEED FEAR TIME. That is right...we feed it time. The longer we take and hesitate at something the bigger the FEAR grows. You know how freaking true this is?? Got something you don't want to do, so you just keep putting it off? Yeah you are feeding that fear time so get on with it! LOL That is what I learned today! 😮😳

FEAR is just an emotion...and more than likely what you fear will never happen...so rip it off like a band aid and do what has been holding yourself back! That is precisely why I said YES to coaching...something was drawing me close to it and I felt the need for it..so I released the fear and went for it!!

Just love sharing what I do, because I know it can change so much to the person who was like me before. Help is out there my friend and I honestly have found it! Want to be apart of my fit family? CLICK HERE!!!

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