Daily dose of dense nutrition, which means a whole LOTTA HEALTHY right here... No this isn't JUST a protein shake... It has so much super-foods in it!! 💯

It helps with my immune system (haven't been sick in over 3 years), my insane junk food cravings, my sugar levels (no longer pre-diabetic), my gut health with it's digestive enzymes (diverticulitis sucks), pro and pre-biotics, and over 70 vitamins and minerals...😱😱😱

So who needs a multi-vitamin when I have my chocolate goodies on hand... Been apart of my life for over 3 years now and it has seriously changed it!! 🎉🎉💯💯🙌🙌

Plus I can turn it into anything I want it to taste like or just drink it plain... Love Reese Cups or Snickers or maybe you like fruity stuff??

Yeah with over 9 flavors and an unlimited amount of recipes... I am sure one will tickle your fancy!! 😋

Would you like to learn more about it?

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Well we have been taking Shawn to swimming for 6 weeks now. He finally passed onto Stage 2 last night and he was beyond thrilled because he got to ring a cowbell and EVERYONE clapped and celebrated his move up! He said, “WOW…everyone is soo proud of me!” He LOVED the attention!!

He did this when he was a baby…we clapped and cheered him on every chance we got, and honestly it helps his confidence…so here I was again last night, clapping and cheering him on!

You make me so proud Shawn Mathew…You are such a blessing to me! So humbled that I get to be your mother!

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Here is my back story…and how these programs changed my life…

Starting weight 215 - January 2016
Current Weight 165 - May 2019 - Still got 20 lbs to go! (I WILL reach my goal!!)

Lost over 27 inches during my time of doing Shakeology, Autumn's programs, and these lovely color coded containers, and really ALL the programs with Beachbody, but something about Autumn's programs ALWAYS gives me the BEST results!!! She is my FAVORITE trainer and here is why...

When I started my journey in 2016 I had several WHY's to keep me going! I am going to list them to keep it simple! LOL

1. I blacked out from my sugar getting to high - I WAS a junk food lover - ate entire pizzas in one setting multiple times a week, ate over 36 candy bars a week, and I loved any ice cream I could get my hands on...I WAS a binge eater, I am an emotional eater. I would literally sneak the chocolate at night...because I was so ashamed of my actions!

I wouldn't eat a salad or "greens" to save my soul! So I needed something sustainable to TEACH me how to eat healthy and these containers done it!! I learned proper balanced nutrition and for that I am SUPER grateful! My grandmother lost both of her legs due to diabetes and I was borderline. I was headed in that same direction with these horrible habits...

My thoughts - How could I choose chocolate over spending time with my son and take away time from HIM because I was addicted to SUGAR?

I couldn't bear the thought of ME sabotaging time with my son! I struggled to get up and down when he was 2 years old and I thought...Man alive...he is only going to get faster - How will I keep up?? So my son is MY # 1 WHY!!!

2. My sister asked me to be in her wedding, but the dresses were not zipping up...size 18-20 and I honestly left the shop in tears and such anger towards myself - How could I let it get this bad? I was so hurt and I didn't own a full size mirror and I was still wearing maternity clothes 2 years AFTER my son was born...so the clothes stretched as I stretched!

Now I am a size 10 and I will get the FINAL 20 lbs off with UPF!! Timed nutrition has helped me break past a plateau, and really helping me feel my best self these days!! Love the tracker/journal! Soooo very helpful!

3. From all the horrible nutrition, there were consequences...diverticulitis. I was going to the bathroom ONCE a month....Soooo after getting the nutrition right, and drinking my Shakeology, I am happy to report...I am regular!! Plus my blood work is amazing!! No longer borderline diabetic!! I struggled with workouts at first...but I NEVER missed one...I followed Kat and did my best! These real time workouts were AMAZING because I got to see how much I improved!!

My WHY is multiple reasons, I am choosing the LONG TERM healthy lifestyle because my life depended on it and having these programs saved it!!

I can't thank Autumn, Carl, and everyone who plays a part in these programs enough...You seriously have given me my life back, and in a format that makes it so simple to achieve!!

Much love,

Rebecca :)

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