Let's STOP the Junk Food Addictions and START Getting Healthy & Fit


I know exactly what you are going through.

Does this sound familiar? 

There was a point in my life that I was so unhappy with myself that I just stopped owning a mirror.  I didn't even like the woman looking back at me.  She made me depressed and I felt disgusted by her.  I just wanted to sleep all the time and my energy was super low.  All I could think was, "How will I keep up with my son when he gets older?  I am having such a hard time bending over and playing with him now, why am I breathing so heavy?  Oh my goodness, what happened to my clothes?  I could have swore they fit better than this."  Then the depression sets in and you just want to turn to food...so you do just that.


Before you know it, you are binge eating food at night and shoveling food in by the handfuls and the weight just keeps packing on.  You start to wonder if this will be your forever?  Will you always eat like this, because you didn't used too?  What the heck changed?


Before long, you are eating entire pizzas, ice cream, and sneaking in the candy bars at night because you don't want to get caught.  You are ashamed of WHO and WHAT you have ALLOWED yourself to become. 


Your health is spiraling out of control and you don't have any clue how to fix it.  "Can you fix it?  I mean you have been this way for so long...it is just your current NORMAL, right?"  Your digestive health is in shambles, and you get diagnosed with diverticulosis and you seriously only go once a month.  The bloat, the pain, the misery! 


You want soooo desperately to bust out of this "person" who you have become, but feel stuck and alone. You want to be the active parent for your son and you want to have tons of energy so you can just go and go and experience life to the fullest and travel the world. 


That my beautiful friend, was exactly how I felt BEFORE I got started.  Such a hard and difficult time for me.  I wanted change really bad, but I always loved my comfort zone, and I loved making excuses as to WHY I couldn't do it.  Believe me, I had some winners!  I used everything in the book to avoid it like the plague....BUT...you can do nothing and remain the same...OR...you can change something and get RESULTS!!

Guess what I chose to do?



I chose to CRUSH  MY EXCUSES!!

Now don't judge me...of course I am not where I want to be, but I am no where near where I used to be!  To go from a size 18-20 to a size 10 feels amazing!  I am a mom who has accomplished this in 9 months and I am about to go do a round of the newest and latest program to get even better results!


How did I do this?

It starts with a powerful WHY = Your driving motivation!  Mine is my precious son and loving husband. Plus I do it to keep my health, sugar, and digestive health in stellar shape!  Before it was the DRESS for my sister's wedding....it definitely gave me the extra push!!! 


It feels amazing to actually accomplish this type of achievement in such a short time.  For 10 years I was climbing at or over the 200 mark with 215 lbs. being my heaviest.  I refused to buy new clothes to fit my growing body, so I wore maternity clothes. 


I am telling you there is a better way and I can totally help you with this, because I know exactly what you are going through! 


I found that after I started eating healthier and exercising, my life started to change drastically!  Within the first 3 weeks I had adopted my NEW healthy habits and within 21 days I lost 12 lbs.  Talk about keeping you going in the right direction!!!!  I stopped making excuses as to why I couldn't work out, but instead I keep looking at my bridesmaid dress for CONSTANT motivation and my BEFORE pictures.  I wanted change and I knew I would have to put in the work...so I did just that!  I didn't want to let my sister down!


Our private accountability groups are amazing!  So much support and daily motivation that it has seriously held me accountable to my goals!  I checked in with my group, which you will have access to when you work with me!  I started drinking my healthiest meal of the day, and no my love...it isn't Slim Fast.  SOOO much better than that! 


I stopped making it ALL about me and starting doing it for my son, my sister, and my husband.  I was no good to them dead...let's just be real.  If I kept up with the bad habits...that is exactly what was going to happen to me.  I WAS NOT OK with that.  I didn't want to leave my baby Shawn behind knowing that I could have done something and it would have been my fault he would be without a mother....IF I DIDN'T CHANGE MY TUNE! 


Coaching and personal development helped me tremendously and they have helped me stay accountable after my sister's wedding.  I don't want you to think short term health and fitness with me.  I want you to adopt this healthy lifestyle because I want you to be around with your family and enjoy the heck out of them!  That my friend is seriously what LIFE is all about!

As I got results, I rewarded my self with new clothing...NOT food...we aren't dogs gorgeous!  We are precious in God's eyes and loved by so many! 

I want you to think of how your life will be different if you take a chance on yourself and give it all you got!!  I want you to prove to yourself that you can form a habit in 21 days.  YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF LOVE! 


Because you deserve to be happy and beautiful and comfortable in your own skin!! 

What clothing are you trying to get into? 

Your favorite pair of jeans? 

I am telling you right now...it can happen with my help!!!

You ARE guaranteed results....IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK!!!! 

It will not be handed to you on a silver platter if you don't show up! 

Remember I am honest and I will tell you straight up!

Who is this challenge for?

Any woman that needs to take control of her health and fitness and is looking for long term lasting results that are 100% sustainable .  I am not about quick fixes!  This is a lifestyle change NOT a restriction! 

I want you to be able to run and play with your kids and not sit on the bench while life passes you by.  I want you to believe in yourself 100% so if you need that in your life, than this challenge is meant for you.  Don't give in to fear and doubt because it will be "hard"....NO YOU choose your hard and you do this for YOU!  

You have so much to prove to yourself...I know you can do this...I just want you to believe you can do it too...and I will get you there.  I am 100% confident that I can switch your mindset if you follow my simple steps...so if you are ready for a change, then I know this challenge will benefit you greatly. 

Are you ready to step it up? 

Then let's get to work!!

Let's kick those bad habits for good...shall we?

I did it and so can YOU!!



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2B Mindset + BOD + Shakeology Challenge Pack

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This is a MEGA challenge pack!  Not only do you get nutrition help from a registered dietitian, Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist), but you get 30 days of superfoods, and a FULL library of workouts that will help you lose weight the healthy way!  The 2B Mindset is a digital video-based weight-loss program that is simple and easy—no counting calories or points or measuring food. It focuses on what you can eat instead of what you can’t—so you can lose weight happily and easily without feeling hungry or deprived.

So here is what you get:

The 2B Mindset Kit, which includes:

  • 21 Learn the 2B Mindset Videos

  • 5 Ask Ilana Videos

  • 15 Recipe Videos

  • Getting Started Guide

  • My Go-To Guide

  • My Tracker

  • 2B Mindset Water Bottle

  • Recipes

  • Beachbody Nutrition+ App for IPhone users - No worries…I prefer the actual tracker myself!

  • Full fitness for a year - You will have access to OVER 800+ different workouts (over 50 programs) at your fingertips!! As you finish up a program, you are all set to start another one! You have to have a Wi-Fi internet connection for this to work - you are basically streaming the workouts on your computer, laptop, phone, TV...Like you do Netflix. HOW COOL IS THAT!!?? No worries...I will help you select the one that fits your health and fitness goals - You are never alone in your journey! These workouts are from the BEST SUPER trainers so you are in good hands and will definitely get the results you are looking for. It shows how long each video is and what equipment (if any) you will need to complete it. The way we can stream these workouts is so awesome because you will never get tired of the same program over and over....it truly allows you to pick and choose the ones you want to complete and you just move forward. This is a define must while on your journey - you are always challenging yourself so therefore results will always happen.

  • Access to the private accountability group - where you will see TONS of before and after's from other parents, etc. and watch everyone's support and get TONS of tips, tricks, and motivation! This is your lifetime support at no additional cost!!

  • ME as your FREE lifetime coach - I will help you get the tools, give you tips and motivation and work with you one on one during your program! I am here for anything - questions, listening to your success (because there will be!!), and here if you need a shoulder to cry on (there will be that too...because we are going to hit some serious mental shifts! - totally worth it though!)

  • 30 Days of Super Food Nutrition (My Chocolate Goodies) - You'll get your first 30-day supply of the delicious, nutrient-dense superfood protein shake—Shakeology. We call it Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition®, and not only can it help benefit your overall health, it’s key to helping you achieve your best results with 2B Mindset.* You’ll also get a Shakeology shaker cup. Ilana is a huge fan of Shakeology! Because of its high-protein content (17g), Shakeology can count as the protein for any 2B Mindset meal. One of Ilana’s primary tips for weight loss is for people to have a consistent breakfast. And since Shakeology is easy and quick to make—and tastes great—she chooses it as part of her consistent breakfast every morning. Also because it’s a protein, it can work as part of your lunch, snack, or dinner! It will help you be your BEST self and help with energy, sugar levels, junk food cravings, digestive health, immune support, and sooo soooo soooo much more!! This shake saved my life!! Comes in 9 flavors! (I do recommend a bag so you can get 30 servings vs. 24 servings!) Here is an ingredient nutrition label for you to read as well!

  • BONUS - 35 Motivation tips to keep you on track

  • BONUS - My Exact Menus I used to lose the weight - SIMPLE EATING!!!

  • BONUS - Measurement Guide - So you know where to measure your body!

  • NOTE: The only recurring cost is Shakeology and Beachbody on Demand (If you decide to keep it). See more details when you click BUY NOW above! No pressure to keep but you are going to love the way you feel just as I do! You aren't in any contract and can cancel anytime!

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - What do you have to lose but the weight?

  • Just want Shakeology and 2B Mindset and NO workouts? OK if you say so...CLICK HERE!

  • Just want the 2B Mindset kit with NO Shakeology and NO workouts? OK if you say so... CLICK HERE!


Don't hold yourself back any longer....It is time to start getting the body and the mindset you only dreamed of. Are you ready for a BRAND NEW YOU?

If not now...when? How many Monday's have gone by and you still haven't started yet?

Let's talk on the phone, because I want you to get results right away!


Email me at


or call me at (304) 421-2224

to set up a time and date!


  I offered the TOP challenge pack, in my professional opinion, to obtain the results you are looking for!  This will help you focus on healthy nutrition, workout at home so you can be with your kids, and give you the online virtual accountability you need to get the results right in your living room! I am so happy that you are ready to make a change for yourself!

Be proud of that my fiend…I know I am!!!

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Many Thanks Too...

Tonya Van Fossen for all of her GORGEOUS professional photos!  This woman rocks! Love her work and her fun style!  Always a great time with Tonya! 


My husband, Tony, who watched our son while I worked out, helped me with our meals and overall was supportive of my journey and still is.  You have given me 14 wonderful years with you and I can't wait to have many more with you!  I love you babe!


My sister, Pauline, this girl is my ROCK!  She is seriously my best friend and has always believed in me no matter what.  We laugh, we cry, and she lets me be my crazy self.  Thank you so much Pauline for believing in me and what I do.  You are an amazing sister and best friend!


My coach, Cheryl!  This woman has forever changed my life...we met online and I hope to meet her one day...LOL crazy how we do that right?  She offers me support and motivated me the whole time during my journey.  Her posts and her inspirational words kept me going through the tough times. 


My parents, Jackie and Sue....WOW just WOW!  They have taught me right and wrong and have loved me no matter what.  They raised me in church and show me to always be kind and caring towards others. 


What can I say...I am a blessed woman with tons of people in my life who love and care for me.