You know what is NOT fun??

Getting asked when your next one is due?? πŸ™ˆ

Yep my peeps... After Shawn my stomach was still huge 2 years later... Was it baby weight? Nope... I lost that right after Shawn was born (20 lbs... Thanks breastfeeding)

This was due to being addicted to the junk food... And when I say addicted... I mean I could out eat anyone... An entire pizza in a setting along with ice cream and chocolate. This happened multiple times a week and it was because I ate my emotions.😱

Too unhappy with myself folks... It sucked, but I have learned to overcome it through these programs and all the support I have. They showed me a better, healthier, sustainable life. I am NOT about a quick fix, but really being healthy for life.

This meant changing eating habits and to be honest... I didn't have a salad until 4 years ago which I gagged... So I didn't eat vegetables to save my soul...this is what happens when you eat all the junk and don't move... A 60-70 weight gain and I felt it daily...

A struggle to get around and keep up with my toddler was enough for me to see something had to give.

So I started with my coach. A program that lasted 21 days, taught me macro nutrition in its most simplified form.. I never count a calorie... I count colors!! It showed me 30 minutes of exercise was completely doable... Especially when I said I didn't have time before.

It changed my nutrition... It changed my physical appearance... And most importantly... It changed my life...running and playing is a breeze now with Shawn, and I will never take it for granted because I once was that girl on the left... But the gal on the right has found her purpose...

Sharing my story with you and showing you how to do it the right way... Meaning you CAN eat good carbs, balanced meals, exercise 20-45 minutes a day and see results...

These programs lay it out ALL for you... Workout calendars and super trainers, a cooking show, meal guides & nutrition plans, and even a powerful superfood health FOOD shake... Not a protein shake (we got one of those to that helps with muscle recovery).The BEST part... The support and accountability I received!!

Need that in your life too??

I got you...

Next group starts August 26th...Back to School... Back to YOU!!

Let's chat what is holding you back, what you struggle with, what a typical day in nutrition looks like for you, and see if we can make a life change together!!

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Man alive Baby has grown... So many memories and I used to write diary logs about her....well...let me do one now. Your welcome!

🐾🐾Baby's Diary Log - 8-13-19🐾🐾

Hey peeps, been a while since I checked in, but you can see how I was too busy growing, sleeping, running, playing, and sniffing butts at HOH to even notice you hadn't heard from me!!😏😏 I live the best life.

I got a super comfy bed where I snore louder than before and it feels great! I love sniffing for rabbits and other creatures, but where we have a fenced yard I can't explore!! πŸ˜©πŸ˜©. One day I will... But Mommy complains something fierce about me pulling her arm out of socket, because let's face it... I am a Beast!!

They got me a prong collar and at first I thought it was hideous, but now I welcome it... I walk through the neighborhood with fur standing on my back and I think I look like a mighty lion🦁🦁... Yep.. I am cool like that.

The best part I poop in the street... I hear mommy grumble and pull out a bag... She sure is disgusting to do that... But I secretly do it on purpose KNOWING I just went πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ (That will teach her... Where are my dang rabbit treats woman!!)

My boy Shawn tells me I am beautiful every day and kisses my head... I mean duh.. Look at this kick ass fur!! I am one HOT dog!! πŸΆπŸ”₯🐢

Anyways... I will protect my family because if I see the slightest movement outside I bark with fierceness... Go away intruder... I will eat your legs off!!

Anyways, it's time to play with the water hose I love chomping water... It is my funnest past time... Besides eating rocks of course..😁. (Mommy gets mad, but its my habit and she will never take it away!!)

Peace out furry friends... I am going to live my pooch life in the most highest level... Basking in the sunshine πŸŒžβ˜€οΈπŸŒžβœŒοΈβœŒοΈ

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"How much more can I take??" My thought during that day’s struggle...

The day I was at Columbus with Shawn vs. today... Shawn was 6 months old and it was a challenge... So hot, tired, and he was heavy to carry.😩

The crazy part... I still carry Shawn and he is over 40 lbs now...but guess what?? It's easier!! πŸ’―πŸ’―

These are the non-scale victories that matter most... Slipped on these jeans with ease this morning... They got snug after vacation, but I am getting there again.

No more worries on struggling while on vacation... Working on me even when I didn't want to, has paid off.

I remember how bad I was breathing, the thought of will this ever end....How big is this zoo? Are we there yet?? All crossed my mind...😱😱

You know what... That isn't living folks... It was vacation and I was was ready to call it quits... πŸ˜©πŸ˜–. I remember going home thinking, "Man Rebecca... You did this to yourself... Why?!? How much more are you going to take before you man up and get with it?!? " "Why are you sooo addicted to the junk food?"

Emotional eating sucks... Feeding my emotions because I wasn't happy within and no one could have said or done anything... It was me... I wasn't happy... I was in a slump and I felt stuck!!

So when I see this picture it brings back all these memories... The memories of the hurt... The feeling of being hopeless... And thoughts of YOU CAN'T played over and over...

You know what... I played that victim card long enough... It was time... It was time to get with it... Time to feel better... Time to get sore from sweating my booty off... And today... I am stronger for it...

No this isn't easy... Nothing that lasts comes easy... But listen up... It is possible... It is doable if YOU WANT IT BADLY!!

So question is... "How much more can you take before you step up?

My inbox is always open... Let's chat about what you are struggling with so we can change together!! πŸ’•πŸ’―

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