Rebecca A. Miller
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Stop being addicted to junk food and get addicted to being healthy and fit instead!

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Hello Gorgeous!  Welcome to my page!  Boy I am sure excited to have you here!  My name is Rebecca A. Miller and I am wife of 14 years and a mom of a boy who is my whole entire heart!  I am just a regular gal next door who was extremely addicted to junk food.  I am talking entire pizza's, candy bars, ice cream, and I didn't eat a green thing to save my life!  So unhealthy I know...but that was me. 



Yikes...DON'T I LOOK JUST HAPPY!  not!

size 18-20+


I had a real problem with it...I would entire pizza's and ice cream in one setting and even had 36 (a case!) of candy bars a week....yeah, like I said, I was addicted!  I was slave to it, but you know what?  All I was doing was hurting myself, damaging my body, and increasing my sugar levels. 

I took a stand for myself and I promised enough is enough and I changed my ways.  It wasn't easy but I did it...and YOU can too!  Now check me out...


New "After" Me




I have created something for you...

Want to know how I done it?  Sweet!  I will give you all my details in my FREE 5 Step Challenge EBook.  I layout the exact steps I took to lose the weight...the proper way!  Through healthy eating, portion control, and awesome exercise!  Don't think you can do it?  YES YOU CAN! 

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Many Thanks Too...

Tonya Van Fossen for all of her GORGEOUS professional photos!  This woman rocks! Love her work and her fun style!  Always a great time with Tonya! 


My husband, Tony, who watched our son while I worked out, helped me with our meals and overall was supportive of my journey and still is.  You have given me 14 wonderful years with you and I can't wait to have many more with you!  I love you babe!


My sister, Pauline, this girl is my ROCK!  She is seriously my best friend and has always believed in me no matter what.  We laugh, we cry, and she lets me be my crazy self.  Thank you so much Pauline for believing in me and what I do.  You are an amazing sister and best friend!


My coach, Cheryl!  This woman has forever changed my life...we met online and I hope to meet her one day...LOL crazy how we do that right?  She offers me support and motivated me the whole time during my journey.  Her posts and her inspirational words kept me going through the tough times. 


My parents, Jackie and Sue....WOW just WOW!  They have taught me right and wrong and have loved me no matter what.  They raised me in church and show me to always be kind and caring towards others. 


What can I say...I am a blessed woman with tons of people in my life who love and care for me.