Meet Rebecca

Hey, hey, hey!  My name is Rebecca Miller!  I am passionate about working with moms who desperately want to get healthy and fit, but find themselves making constant excuses, have junk food addictions, and self limiting beliefs.  Hence, why I became an online health and fitness coach!

I am here to believe in YOU and tell you that YOU CAN do this!  

I help you get exactly what you want, which is RESULTS!  I will turn excuses into action on your part!  WARNING - There will be some tough love involved...are you ready for all that jelly?  ;)

My Mission...

My goal and my intention is to help you realize how important YOU are, YOU are worthy, and that YOU CAN do this no matter how many pounds YOU have to lose, because it is doable.  

I want YOU to realize it doesn't have to cost a fortune to eat healthy and it doesn't have to be difficult.  I want YOU to understand that consistency is key and it can be done with a powerful WHY.


Be the Active Parent!

Me and my little man shawn!


My Short Story...

So when you are faced with the following problems what do you do?

A bridesmaid dress that doesn't fit

A young son who is getting faster every day and you are wondering if you can keep up

Having blackouts at work from your sugar being too high

You have to get healthy and fit...even if you do not want too.  That happened to me in December 2015 and I started my journey in January of 2016.  It was challenging and brutal at first because I was so used to making excuses as to why I couldn't start in the first place.  I really loved to eat chocolate, ice cream, and pizza, and LOTS of it! 

I had to get with it or my health was in jeopardy!  

I not only pushed past the excuses but also dug deep and within 9 months, I dropped 40 lbs. and 26.5 inches all while doing portion control, my chocolate goodies, as I like to call them, and 30 minutes of exercise each day.   I learned to conquer daily excuses and I removed those bad habits!  

You can check out my FULL story on the "MY STORY" page!


Fun Facts about Rebecca!

  • I love fast cars like Mopar races - My brother and dad used to race them and they still work on them today!
  • I love amusement parks - Cedar Point in Ohio is the best one I have been to so far - Favorite ride?  Raptor and Millennium Force!
  • I love bunnies!  We used to have a pet rabbit and his name was Thumper - Imagine that!
  • I love candy bars - Caramello is my jam. I even hid 36 candy bars from my husband and ate them at night!
  • I love pizza - I can eat 7-10 slices in a setting - YES I am for real! 
  • I was never in any sports growing up - we lived in the country so I spent my time outdoors and playing in our pool and jumping on the trampoline!
  • Raised by a family who believes in God - Love my parents...they raised me to always help others and have faith no matter what.
  • I was born with bilateral club feet.  I went through 26 sets of casts but you would never know it now!  This chick can run and has calf muscles!  Say what??  Go me!!
  • My son, Shawn, was born with club feet as well.  They tell me it wasn't genetic, but I don't believe it!  So you will see braces on his legs in my pictures.  He is a fireball and it definitely doesn't stop him from running!
  • I am happily married to my husband, Tony, of 15 years!  We even went to Kauai on our honeymoon back in 2003!  He is what I consider "HOME" in my life.  He keeps me safe and loved in his arms.
  • I love rap and hip hop music! LOL Don't judge - I do listen to some rock too but hip hop is my jam!  I like to shake my groove thang...what can I say...this chick loves to dance! 
  • I am brutally honest....which is crazy because I grew up as the nerdy chick in school...I spoke to no one! YIKES!  What a difference now!


  • I've gotten killer results using certain fitness programs in 9 months, which in turn, I lost 40 lbs. and 26.5 inches! I can share more with you on that when you work with me!


  • I have been an Emerald Coach at Team Beachbody, headed for Diamond, for 2 years now - which basically means I have helped a lot of people all while working on me and earning an income for it!


  • I have hit Success Club several times, which means I am helping at LEAST 3 people a month!


  • I have been called the "Weight Loss Beast for Women" before - Yes I laughed to when I heard it...but thought it was cool!


  • I have been called an "Inspiration" by so many of my clients and followers - Kicking bad habits and creating new ones is my game!


  • I serve over 2,000+ followers on social media - What can I say - I am fun!


  • Like I said, just a regular gal who has overcome junk food and become healthy and fit.  I love paying it forward and helping others reach their health and fitness goals!

Compliments from my clients...

"Rebecca is committed and is a great coach, and person. She does not pressure anyone, and is willing to help anyone who wants to follow their journey for a healthier life."  Jennifer from So. Charleston, WV


"Great coach and an even better person. She is very dedicated to getting results and motivating others." Adam from Charleston, WV


"Rebecca is an amazing coach, she is so inspiring and uplifting. She keeps you focused and makes sure you are on the correct path for success. If you have any questions she will get you all the answers. She is always there for encouragement and because she has had a great fitness journey herself she knows what you are going through."   Pauline from St. Albans, WV


"I forgot to show you my personal goal I busted out of the way. I need to set a new goal. I am excited for the next size down. I was so off so many days this month. I never gave up used nutrition only some days. At the same time I was mad about not getting to work out, I learned how important the food we put in our body actually affect our health. that in its self was a kick in the butt"  & "You are a great coach. you have the ability to communicate in ways some can not." & "Thank you so much for all the help and motivation!"  Joie from Eleanor, WV


"Rebecca is a highly motivated individual and she makes wonderfully inspirational videos. She helped me personally by making a video on how to strengthen my lower back so as to improve my pain."  Dianna from Reno, NV


Many Thanks Too...

Tonya Van Fossen for all of her GORGEOUS professional photos!  This woman rocks! Love her work and her fun style!  Always a great time with Tonya! 


My husband, Tony, who watched our son while I worked out, helped me with our meals and overall was supportive of my journey and still is.  You have given me 14 wonderful years with you and I can't wait to have many more with you!  I love you babe!


My sister, Pauline, this girl is my ROCK!  She is seriously my best friend and has always believed in me no matter what.  We laugh, we cry, and she lets me be my crazy self.  Thank you so much Pauline for believing in me and what I do.  You are an amazing sister and best friend!


My coach, Cheryl!  This woman has forever changed my life...we met online and I hope to meet her one day...LOL crazy how we do that right?  She offers me support and motivated me the whole time during my journey.  Her posts and her inspirational words kept me going through the tough times. 


My parents, Jackie and Sue....WOW just WOW!  They have taught me right and wrong and have loved me no matter what.  They raised me in church and show me to always be kind and caring towards others. 


What can I say...I am a blessed woman with tons of people in my life who love and care for me.