So I had a doctor's appointment with a new doctor, which he was absolutely fantastic in my book! He cared, he listened, he done things that no other doctor has EVER done or even checked before! Very Very Very impressed with him! Plus his staff was sooooo caring and nice and very prompt!

I shared my journey with him and how Shakeology has helped me, and how I have turned my life around with proper diet and exercise and guess what...blood work is already back and my numbers are GREAT!!

Thank you Beachbody for saving my life and giving me such an amazing report! Here was my vitals!

**Blood Pressure - 112/60
**Thyroid - Normal - .74
**Cholesterol - Normal - 162 mg/dL
**HDL Cholesterol - Normal - 5252
**Triglycerides - Normal - 56 mg/dL
**LDL - Normal - 99 mg/dL
**Blood Glucose Test - 94
**A1C - 5.1% (YESSSS Out of Pre-Diabetic Range!!!)
**54 lb. weight loss - 16 lbs. left to reach my goal weight!!!

He was impressed that I got my digestive health on track and that I need to keep up what I am doing! When you check your portal and you see NORMAL...that just makes you feel like never giving up my friends! So please don't...value your health and life...because we only get one!

If you ever need help with your goals, let me know...I can help you...our groups are amazing and they offer me so much support and you guys are ALWAYS invited to join me!  Next group starts July 16th!  

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