Awww so much family time this week!  I promise you it is good for the soul!  My hubby, Tony, had a birthday on the 3rd (he is 38) and my my mom had a birthday on the 4th!  Doesn't she look beautiful to be 71 years old?  I mean come on now...I should be soooo lucky when I get to that age....it is in my DNA as one of my Facebook followers told me!   LOL

We got to see some fireworks and have a great cookout /meal at my mom's house and the cutest part was when we took Shawn to Longhorn.  It used to be our favorite place when we were dating, but really haven't been there much since we married and had Shawn.  LOL  Tony chose to go there for his birthday and Shawn loved it!  We got strawberry cream cake for all of us to share and Shawn said it was HIS JAM!  LOL  He kept moaning and said oh my I love this place and closing his eyes and enjoying his food...LOL He was hysterical!

We enjoyed the fireworks in Charleston...all while sitting in the back of the car.  Than Shawn says he has to go pee.  WHAT THE WHAT!?!  We have no bathroom near us...soooooo he peed in a bag!  LOL I know, I know...gross right?  But hey its life so needless to say, I will be caring a empty water bottle from here on out in his backpack...JUST IN CASE!  

So much to be thankful for this week!!  Tony's back is doing better these days...although we have to see a back specialist on the 10th to make sure he is OK (he has two bulging discs), so I will take off that day and spend it with him!  YAY!!!  That never happens so making it count!   

I hope you and your family had a fantastic Independence day...thanks to all who serve and give us freedom!  Enjoy your family everyday my peeps...never take them for granted! 

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