You know what?

One of the biggest things I struggled with before I started was leaving the junk food alone! It's true...I couldn't stop with the pizza, ice cream, and all that chocolate for the longest time.

When I came across my coach's post, I instantly reached out to her because she had a solution that would help me with my food choices and help me workout from home! 
It wasn't easy at first because I was soooo stuck in my ways...but the change HAD to happen! My sister's wedding was coming up and I had let my sugar get out of control, so I needed something that would stick and help me for life. Because let's be real - diets don't work...pills suck...wraps are just weird, and drinking artificial junk when I was already taking in junk didn't seem real smart. LOL

Soooo I wanted to do it the healthy SAFE way...through PROPER nutrition and exercise...BUT I hated the gym...I hated how people stared at me...I hated how uncomfortable I felt when walking in and not feeling like I belonged there. I hated the drive to and from because it was a waste when I had to wait on machines...and especially not know what the heck to do once on said machine. So yeah...not a fan!

I needed something I could stick with on my own time because my schedule with a two year old was limited and all over the place...and when she presented what she could give me...I was SOLD!

Three years later...this chick still has her game face on...I still show up EVERY DAY to my groups...I haven't felt this great in a long time and I owe it to HER post she made 3 years ago that forever changed my life!

What if she didn’t make that post?? Where would I be??

I hope when you come to my page…

I inspire you to take CARE OF YOU…

I hope I motivate you to get going and to NEVER give up…

I hope that when you come here…you know that I once was there and it has been 3 years since I was 215 lbs…but believe me…if YOU want it bad enough…YOU WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES!

I share my story and my daily struggle/success to show you this isn’t easy…BUT that you ARE capable of doing hard things!


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