So I was journaling last night about my coaching biz - which I LOVE! Helping people achieve goals and feel as good if not BETTER than what I do right now is an amazing feeling! Plus I really LOVE my journal...not only is it purple...but the quote on the front makes me feel soo good! So inspired...and so blessed!!!

In our coaching team page we were asked to journal out who our ideal biz partner would be...and I thought about it and came up with this - (In case you can't read the words on the photo it says this):


Someone who is ready to make a change and stop giving up with their health and fitness goals. They will take this business not at first but after they have successfully achieved confidence within themselves on their first 30 days of working a program. They will be vulnerable, plug into the information and groups provided, they will ask questions, they will have a family with kids because she wants to better herself for them. She wants an opportunity where she can work from home and still be with her kids, and she wants to get healthy and fit and help her nutrition because her health depends on it. She will find her rhythm just as I have and show up everyday. She will be done with the excuses and ready to take action... She will be coachable... She will try her best and love the products... She will be authentic and want to share her passion and her page will be positive... Helpful and funny! She will rock her journey... She will have a past she isn't proud of but she will not let that define her... It could be a junk food addiction or something else that held her back from living her best life. She will be diligent and dependable and I will be able to trust her to lead her own team and rock it!!

So I don't think I have ever really put this OUT THERE like that before...and it is kind of scary but I am ready to grow my team, my tribe, and inspire ladies to take control of their health and fitness!! Because I WANT you to care for you!!

Is this you??

If so...just know you are invited to our coaching sneak peek...just comment below and I will add you to the INFO only group!

Come be a fly on the wall and learn more of what I do!

You might LOVE It like me OR it might not be your cup of tea...but you will never know for sure unless you see for yourself!

In the meantime, feel free to apply for it and I will send you an email so we can chat!!

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