Oh peeps...not the news I wanted...BUT I got answers!!!! I got the report...but let me break it down real simple. :(

1. I have Adenomyosis (heterogeneous) - explains my heavy bleeding.

2. My blood work on the hormones came back normal - YAY!!!

3. I have a LARGE fibroid in a weird spot that is not the normal place for is as big as a golf ball - slightly bigger actually and she doesn't want to touch it JUST yet...I go back in 4 months to do another ultrasound (belly and vaginal - just like today) to see if it has grown.

If it so much doubles in size or gets could be cancer (not likely)....but waiting to see what it does. It could have always been this size...or not...we have no records because we have never done an ultrasound like this before. (honestly...ultrasounds should be part of the see more than taking swap! LOL) They haven't received my file yet from my doctor...requested it on 2/5/19 so they say it still is early...but we shall see.

4. She is putting me on birth control (Portia - I think she said) and she is hoping that will regulate my periods, help with anger and hot flashes because even though my blood work came back normal...she thinks it could be spiking and changing especially during my cycle. She is also hoping it will reduce the size of the fibroid...she has seen them get smaller so watching it to see what it does.

Next appointment is on 6/11/19!! YIKES!!!

Gotta admit...I was really scared and sat in my car and just glad she went through the whole report with me and said uterus and ovaries are normal and the size of them are it could have been worse!

So thankful I found her and caught this before it gets any bigger...apparently they can grow pretty BIG!! Prayers much appreciated...

Now to take birth control - I haven't done that in like 7+ years!! LOL I will have to set a reminder on my phone for sure!!!

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