You know what I love??? 

I love when Tony holds me close and rubs my back and we snuggle up and watch our favorite shows like Walking Dead or the Punisher... Yeah we are romantic like that...LOL

I love when Shawn puts his little arms around me and tells me he loves me and that I am the best mommy ever..

I love that even at 37 years old, I still talk to my mom and dad daily and they have instilled that faith is a MUST in life ...

I love my coaching biz!! I love helping my challengers and coaches see their potential... See their greatness and realize that they can achieve their goals!! That is an amazing opportunity to be a part of!!

When I first signed up 3 years ago, I was nervous and scared but I gave it my best! This year is so full of potential!!

I am sooo excited to see where it goes!!

Loving life is a MUST for me!! I have so much to be thankful for and work towards!

What is one thing you LOVE??

Rebecca MillerComment