I swear this dog can take a better selfie than me! She is a beautiful dog and has permanent eye liner as I like to call it - JUST SAYING! LOL

She turned ONE year old on June 26, 2019 and I can’t believe it…we have almost had her a year when we adopted her cute little self.

She is full of energy at first and quickly gets lazy on me. Loves running after balls and “catching” water from a squirt gun.

She has weird quirks too…loves to eat rocks, moans when other dogs come around when in her prong collar, and is like scared or truly in love with Tony - that hasn’t been decided yet! LOL #lovehaterelationship

But one thing is for certain…she is sweet, she loves us, and she is the most easy going dog ever…strong willed of course, but hardly ever barks at night and listens pretty good!

No other will be like her that is for sure.

Happy Birthday Baby…Your PAWSOME!

Rebecca MillerComment