"Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best!"

Today's Mastering Your Mean Girl Take Away.... Fill your cup daily so the part that overflows can be spread around and you will be filled with bursting love!

Goes out to all my moms who feel overwhelmed, stressed, and feels like there is sooooo much to accomplish in one day.

It is not selfish to take 10 minutes or even a few hours for yourself! You need some time to be alone and the family will not fall apart if this happens.

She said she met a stay at home mom who was with her kids 100% of the time, but she looked tired, worn out, and just plain exhausted. She recommended that she drop off one of the kids (Others in school and no family members to help) for just a half a day once a week at a daycare to help her get caught up with some stuff and have her me time. She said she felt guilty for that and would be just an awful mom if she done that.

She said would you rather spend 90% of your time with your kids and actually enjoy them, have patience, and be able to spread the love or be with them 100% and rip their heads off?? 😬

See you are able to provide them with more love and care if you take care of yourself also! So my tip... Schedule your ME time in your calendars... Because mommas you and your family will enjoy YOU better when you aren't run so thin! Is that a deal pickle??

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