So why did I say YES to coaching and sharing what works for me??

Because not only was I helping myself stay accountable, BUT these programs both, fitness and nutrition, REALLY work and lay out a system that even someone like me can do!!

I was someone who didn't know how to eat healthy... Sure there is people who say they eat healthy... But do you know there is healthy eating that will help you reach your goals?? There is a difference!!

I thought you had to cut out ALL carbs and eat salads all day long... But that is soooo far from the truth!!

I was given a plan that showed me that fruits, veggies, proteins, healthy fats, carbs, seeds/dressings and even peanut butter is needed!!

I mean seriously... Do you find yourself spinning your wheels and not knowing REALLY what to do?? I did and it sucked... I felt lost and hopeless and truly thought I would be 215 lbs forever!! 😣😣😭😭

Do you have a trainer??

Well by me saying YES to these programs... I got access to over 20 of them that will teach me form, how and when to breath, and how fast and slow to move... Suggestions on weights and when to progress... So yes they will push me.... I sooooo needed that in my life!!

Being addicted to the junk food like I was was miserable and I missed out on alot...

Feeling comfortable in my own skin for one... But once I got to work and began seeing progress and success... Coaching was the next step... People asking me what I was doing and by me helping them is exactly why I love it!!😊. They too can feel as good as me!! #amazing

So many lives can change from these programs... So if you are like the old me... Not knowing where to begin, than I encourage you to take a step in the right direction.

You have nothing to lose besides the weight and the doubt and all the negative thoughts...

Because once you see results... You will be like me... Sooo freaking happy too!!

Are you wanting to feel that way too??

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