I unplugged over the weekend, it was much needed!! I just wanted away from it all for a day so I could reflect on life. 

Sometimes you just have to trust the timing of your circumstances and have faith you are in the right place. 

For someone like me who is impatient and stubborn... Lol. This is tough! I struggle with the not knowing how things will turn out, but I always have to pause, take a deep breath, and TRUST God is working out things for me.

Today I felt like this... Off and on... 

💜 I compare, which is totally useless...it is the thief of joy. 

💜 I worry that I am not enough in my overall life. 

💜 I think people think that I am weird. 

💜 I don't feel loved. 

💜 I feel like a failure.

Yes my friend...I still have moments of just not feeling it and today is one of those days... When that happens... I unplug... Or I disappear. âœŒ Out! 

I have to build myself back up through personal development... Thank goodness that is a vital of being a coach... To me... Most important one!! 

Without it... I would wallow there... I would feed the bad wolf all those negative thoughts and feelings and for what!?!  See there is no reason for me to be sad if I focus on everything to be grateful for. When I see the GOOD around me... It is like a veil being uplifted. Such as... Shawn's laughter when Tony and him giggle, Shawn's hugs and kisses, Baby and her watching eyes and always having to be by my side, loving parents, a roof over my head, food on our table, and a nice comfy bed. 

This was my missing link before... I didn't think I needed it... I thought I was above it, but that couldn't be more further from the truth.

So if you feel like me today... Know you aren't alone in this. We can overcome it... We just got to get a dang treat bag for our Good Wolf and get busy! Lol 


 When you ðŸ’œlove💜 what you have... You have everything you need! 

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