I am proud to announce that I passed my exam this evening and am now a 2B Mindset Mentor!! That my friend is amazing! I have been studying this program, helping our peeps get GREAT results with it and now I know the program very well to help YOU even more!

You got questions? I am here to help!

(If you could only see my face right now...I am so proud of myself and literally beaming with joy!!)

Why did I want this achievement?

For starters, I know the struggle with eating healthy because I have done it for a long time! I built up 10 years of unhealthy habits and for me to change my ways and start being more healthy and fit was a victory within itself.

I became a mentor because I don't want YOU to feel that way either! I want you to learn how to eat healthy without having to feel restricted and you WILL be full and satisfied! I promise!

I don't believe in starving yourself, I don't believe in diet pills, wraps, or the fake crap....but good clean, healthy nutrition. This my friend will give you a solution to your problem. It will show you a better more sustainable way of how to eat and still enjoy life!!

We cover it all...going to parties, events, and even emotional eating, and SOOOO Much More!!!! YES I have done it all...but with this program, I don't feel guilty...I don't feel BAD anymore for wanting certain things that most people restrict themselves from!

Living and enjoying my life makes this worth it! Love being able to keep up with Shawn...no longer watching...BUT I am playing in the fun! LOVE being a mom to him...yes he has his moments, but for the most part...he is a really awesome kid and I am so blessed to call him mine!

Let's dig deep and uncover a powerful WHY!! I know that will help you get started....I got your back and I am ready to start helping YOU with your journey!! You are amazing...just know you are capable of sooo much!

Not sure what 2B is? Check out my blog post to learn more about it!

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